Understand the industry rankings precision positioning promotion strategy

Understand the industry rankings precision positioning promotion strategy

March 6, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

now, for the family, the Internet has penetrated into most ordinary families, affecting people’s lives, learning and many other aspects. For businesses, the Internet is not just an advertising media, but as a tool for business expansion. A web site can be regarded as a customer service and business personnel of the enterprise, it can help enterprises to whenever and wherever possible each transaction, and the cost of sales ratio will be greatly reduced, reducing the overhead and cost of natural means profit increase. Even if the enterprise is not a production and sales oriented enterprises, the same can also bring the business through the online advertising effect, thereby increasing profits. Web site is the basis for the formation of the Internet, and statistical tools have become an indispensable tool for the development of the internet.

according to a webmaster, now in the use of CNZZ (http://s.cnzz.com) panoramic statistic at the same time, not only can see the daily web traffic, also can understand their own websites in the industry position and other data. In the early days of the operation of the site, he always thought that the site visits PV million per day, has been very good. In the trial of the CNZZ panorama data reporting function, only to know that they have a certain distance from the highest level in the industry. Needs to be improved, but how to improve? CNZZ panoramic statistics to the very thoughtful, provides search industry analysis data daily for the user, a careful analysis of the data found that there are about 200000 of the same industry website search engine to be included, they can bring about 1000000 PV every day. My site is only a few hundred PV a day from the search engine. Search engine optimization. In addition, from the content, my site update frequency is relatively low throughout the industry, so there is no stickiness, resulting in the loss of the user to come, there is no old user precipitation. Now run a website, just know yourself and not bring complete victory, enemy we can grasp the whole industry, the situation of the site and understand their site location can be more in the industry for the specified site of the development strategy and route to realize the further development of the enterprise.

in the understanding of the industry and its lack of position at the same time, how to improve the CNZZ panorama! Industry analysis report shows a general direction for improvement, and in the late promotion at the same time, the use of the statistical service statistics will CNZZ panorama is improved faster. Panoramic statistics, first of all, it can remind us how many people visit the site every day, where is the flow of traffic, which areas of the user. So we know the basic information of the user’s visit. In particular, the path analysis of panoramic statistics and user view function design is very user-friendly. You can customize the visiting path analysis, loss analysis for external connection into the site users, this function can help to monitor our advertising website brought much traffic and the number of active users, and analysis into the loss to the site users. User view can help to analyze the user to reach the station to view the product page, and thus more accurate for us to change

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