Pseudo open reflection nternet giant underwear worn

Pseudo open reflection nternet giant underwear worn

March 6, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

do Zynga dream developers, is likely to become an open platform to test the market in a day of mice. Open platform, so terrible?



| Zheng Jiangbo

is said to be a Zynga game on the Tencent platform for less than three months, Tencent has launched its own from the name to the content are very similar to the same theme game. This is the world’s largest social gaming experience in china.

survive? Yes, it’s survival. But, this is not alarmist: parasitic on the open platform of entrepreneurs should be suffering, because you don’t know what time will be kill off, kill and you are not rivals, but the platform itself, which makes people did not fight back.

Sina micro-blog today issued an ultimatum, must let FaWave send Sina micro-blog, micro-blog cannot choose non Sina account at the same time. Good helpless, the current internal debate is whether to do in accordance with the requirements of sina micro-blog. No matter what we do, it hurts our users." FaWave is a micro-blog sent third party plug-in, users can choose to send in a micro-blog account on the news, it is the development of a network of "Python fancier" programmer, this is micro-blog in March this year he sent in the Tencent micro-blog, now FaWave has basically disappeared, Sina does not support micro-blog results as can be imagined.

has the same experience of the developers more than Python fancier one, making similar behavior is more than a micro-blog Sina platform. After the birth of the Zynga Facebook on the platform of such listed companies, domestic Internet giants have also held open the banner of developers gather for a time, open platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of the concept of open, but to change the taste of China. If the Facebook is an open platform, the vast majority of domestic platforms are difficult to "open", they only do platform while still doing the application, which will inevitably have a conflict of interest with developers.

do Zynga dream developers are likely to become a platform to test the market feedback of mice, or in exchange for third party user behavior data tools.

rivers and lakes do not mix well, how the day over


[comment] China does not really open platform


Xie Wen: famous Internet watcher

Xie Wen: China now has some claiming to be an open platform, and even better than Facebook said, I think this is not objective. You say the Tencent itself is actually turned and specious, because they have a lot of applications, this case will have a conflict of interest and the third party application, had to take a semi closed or closed case. Some people even play

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