Vintage teeth takeover Pinyin domain name fanke com worth

Vintage teeth takeover Pinyin domain name fanke com worth

March 6, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

renamed China ( August 29th news, from the beginning of creation, "VANCL" with the domain name electric business single-handed, Duchuang billowy. Jingdong, and other electricity providers for short domain name, it does not participate. It has more than 6 years, and even fell into a trough never low noble head. Thanks to the expert Lei Jun good practice guidance, VANCL, cut "Eslite" two words, and hold back big new domain name.

in August 28th, more than a year of silence all passengers aged CEO in the spotlight, announced to the world to sell his shirt. The return of the aged, this time the attitude is very low, he admitted that "where once ‘poisoned’, took a long detour, this is my fault, anxious." It said to be "Eslite" two characters into all products where the customer, not reflected in the logo. As for the domain name, old said, consumers often complain about the domain name is too difficult to remember, so the cruel will take Larry domain. And where the new domain name is good or bad?




: where the customer and data contrast

query Alexa related data show that the domain name average daily IP (March average) was 309000, the average daily PV (average in March) of up to 1236000. In the web search keywords, the domain name is not convenient for people to remember and enter, there are 41.24% and 18.86% users, through the search for "customer" and "VANCL" access to the site. The domain name, through the "Fanke" keyword to visit the site occupied 97.82%. The "customer" pinyin can quickly let people remember, and quickly spread in the majority of Internet users.

as a large Internet brand enterprises are aware of the quality of the domain name, will directly influence the website development and brand promotion, want to in the Internet era has become bigger and stronger, cannot do without the most basic and most important brand name. Like the original use of the domain name Jingdong, to spend $30 million to acquire and enable short domain name, the reason is that the original domain name and "360" brand constantly involved, and the Jingdong each year to pay about 60 million yuan of traffic fee to the search engine, and the change of heavy domain, is expected to help the Jingdong save traffic promotion costs more than 100 million yuan the.

in 2013, we acquired the domain name, the industry people sit up and take notice. But in the name of the road, and the Jingdong, brand name different where customers are still reluctant to put down the proud posture, also said that even if the acquisition of.COM domain name, where the customer can not replace the VANCL brand. A time for people 6 years of growth, but lingers where customers expressed frustration and worry.

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