ndustry business solutions PHP168 business system officially released

ndustry business solutions PHP168 business system officially released

March 6, 2017 uttpdooa 0

business system as an important part of the PHP168 system, will be based on the actual business process development. Business system so that grassroots users gradually turned to operating, profitable web site creators, the site will be more inclined to the core enterprise and enterprise products.

with the help of the business system will allow users to further use of PHP168 CMS program, built with the traditional economy or high degree of enterprise products combined with the Internet system.

business system in the existing mainstream e-commerce website optimization, the basic framework of maturity. There is a sound platform for independent businesses, to manage enterprise products and all related behavior, while the owners and the owners have a good relationship system. With a number of inquiries, product recommendations, bulk quotation, personalized certification system, information systems and other special features.

PHP168’s "core + station module system architecture will let users at any time can be a strong expansion, allowing users to have a good project for sustainable development in terms of technology.

with the continuous maturity and perfection of the business system, PHP168 official will help grassroots Adsense to establish a number of successful Internet electronic platform. Grassroots web site to grow into a standardized e-commerce platform.

PHP168 business system application version — client demo station:


PHP168 business system service version — official demo station:


PHP168 business system application download:

official address: http://s.bbs.php168.com/read-bbs-tid-204805.html

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