Yushu seven websites black cast

Yushu seven websites black cast

March 6, 2017 tbdwgekl 0


and the Wenchuan earthquake, many people mourning on the network for Yushu earthquake victims. Comic: Liang Wenshan


this is a network of sacrifice for the victims of the Yushu produced pictures.

Qinghai Yushu earthquake occurred 7 days ago, people from across the country to the earthquake stricken people pray and the blessing is covered with the entire network. At the beginning of the earthquake, many netizens and experts have suggested that the government set up a national day of mourning. Now, the initiative has been a positive response to the State Council, the national mourning victims compatriots mourning, and all the network entertainment related activities will be suspended, to mourn the victims of Yushu theme activities have started. Today, youku.com and tudou.com, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other major sites will have to cast a dark gray veil, net net, offering Sina micro-blog (http://s.t.sina.com.cn), World of Warcraft, Baidu post also launched activities to support the grief. All this is reminiscent of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. And the mourning of Yushu, also known as the founding of new China since the second civilian Memorial day".

version of the author information times reporter Li Junyan Intern


set off a realtime record of mourning

yesterday, the reporter landing Youku video website, home page may still appear to have hit TV works recommended, but in the front page headlines the main video, almost all about the Yushu earthquake picture. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Youku Video Site staff. According to reports, the day of the day of mourning will be replaced by the gray main color, home video will be replaced with all the contents of the earthquake. The site plans to classify the entertainment video, then there will be no obvious entrance to the entertainment category, that is, turn off all relevant search functions. In addition, youku.com have been linked across the country took off, record at any time day around the memorial memorial activities, and another in the afternoon is uploaded to the internet.


video are replaced by seismic content

"our home will also be converted to black and white presentation" tudou.com relevant staff told reporters that the push today website will stop all entertainment content, that is to say, all by the edit control of all video content will be replaced by the Yushu earthquake. In addition, the potatoes will be the home page of the movie star Jet Li launched one fund related links.

major portal network

Mongolia black veil tissue

friends to pray

, Sina, Sohu, NetEase mop.com and other sites will also become black in mourning, the official website of some service such as Chinese International Airlines official website yesterday also covered with black yarn. Many of these forums will be held today

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