Father of free software Apple Microsoft and other companies have

Father of free software Apple Microsoft and other companies have

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"father of free software" Richard · (Richard)


    Sina technical pan


has over sixty, but Richard · Stallman (Richard Stallman) obviously could not do the ear". He will at any time, any place, to allow all doubt tone, debate free software and disagree on who.

free software is not equal to open source software, you are completely mistaken." In an interview with Sina Technology, he used this as an opening. In a speech later, he told an admiring fans expressed the same dissatisfaction, and ask for a "Free Software (free software) label stickers, T-shirts covered body" open source ".

was born in 1953, Stallman had already achieve success and win recognition. His early years at the Harvard University, and entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, to become a programmer. He and his colleagues set up a software sharing community, and programmers inside and outside the circle of programmers and technology to share the code, exchange of experience, together with the iterative development of software.

but since 1980s, the business tide swept the entire IT industry, IBM, Microsoft and apple have risen. Most of Stallman’s colleagues gave up their minds to write "non free software". Hacker spirit began to alienation, from the initial freedom, sharing, cooperation, to emphasize the attack, destruction and invasion.

and Stallman choice alone, and start the GNU operating system project, the development of a text editor such as Emacs core software, has gradually become the spiritual leader of the free software movement. He has also been known as "the father of free software, and many reputations, including the Macarthur prize, the Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award, and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in the world, many universities honorary chair.

however, the illustrious reputation as Stallman did not bring substantial revenue and noble status. Until now, he still needs to make money on flights around the world lecture, interest is far better than the Apple Corp CEO Tim · Cook, Tesla Motors CEO · Elon Musk; a new generation of Silicon Valley idol.

Compared to Cook, Musk on fresh clothes horse angry, and in

et al. Stallman walking in the streets of Beijing, almost no one can recognize the famous evangelist of free software. He could not walk far short of stature, potbellied, panting; gray hair is about a foot long, and the length of the beard and similar; she had two black bags, an unknown brand of casual and light, there is not much difference and any American tourists.

as a free people do not have to do with the enterprise. "

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