Taobao electric city plans to start open recruitment of genuine licensed sellers

Taobao electric city plans to start open recruitment of genuine licensed sellers

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Electric City recruitment of genuine licensed sellers


sina science and technology news on December 3rd morning news, Taobao low-key preparation of 3C vertical website has been recruited sellers. Taobao website today launched the "Taobao Electric City genuine licensed sellers recruiting plan, plans to show Taobao sellers can join, not limited to the mall and the bazaar. According to the previous Taobao planning, the city’s fastest electric appliances can be launched before the Spring Festival next year.

According to the Taobao

seller recruitment plan, although the seller is not restricted to store or market prices, but demand is true and reliable, complete fittings, new packaging, regular sales of products, and the warranty in support of the national three bags, enjoy Quanguolianbao etc.. Taobao also requires all products will be mailed, and support consumer protection service agreement.


the seller recruitment scope, listed items including mobile phone, notebook, kitchen appliances, office equipment, digital cameras, digital accessories such as 3C products, and asked to provide 10 thousand yuan deposit. also stressed that Taobao electric city all goods are authentic licensed, "all quality goods will be consumers to find". On the other hand, all sales and service quality sellers will have access to the right to free use of various products provided by Taobao.

this recruitment activity means that Taobao electric city will have substantial progress.

since the Taobao electric city plans to disclose the outside world on the Taobao electric city plans to continue speculation. There are media reports Taobao will jointly build a distribution center in Shanghai and Annto logistics, and speculated that the move is to Taobao Electric City distribution.

Taobao insiders, and Annto logistics cooperation is the recently released "Taobao Partner Program" part. The program will find a large number of e-commerce outsourcing suppliers, in all aspects of IT, channels, services, marketing, logistics and other e-commerce ecosystem, Taobao sellers and enterprises to provide personalized products, personalized service.

but now about Taobao city is B2C or C2C does not have a clear definition. The media quoted people familiar with Taobao said, Taobao may in the establishment of distribution center, the merchant can put the goods in the distribution center, the distribution center for goods, the courier company responsible for delivery.

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