Liu Wei Shi Yuzhu’s aggressive to pull back

Liu Wei Shi Yuzhu’s aggressive to pull back

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for some time, in order to advertise, Shi Yuzhu often with Liu Wei and three people together to run CCTV. They have a baby face, look at a young age. Some people uninformed, old jokes with Shi Yuzhu said, the history of the old, why do you always take two nieces.

Shi Yuzhu hems, only smiled but did not reply. In fact, they were both deputy general Shanghai jiante, head of gold partner and melatonin business, Shi Yuzhu is the main management, "the Four Musketeers" two (the other two are Chen Guo and Fei Yong Jun). Liu Wei Shi Yuzhu is one of the earliest employees (1992), served as secretary, Minister of personnel, vice president and other staff, now is the giant network president.


"they have completely different personalities, Cheng Chen laughing, daring Ganpin, Liu Wei is more stable, down-to-earth." February 20th, Shi Yuzhu said, now the company’s specific business I completely ignored, let Liu Weilai do, she did better than me."

The role of women in

– perhaps the most open secret of the Shi Yuzhu saga, is the biggest reason for his interview with Chinese entrepreneurs the day before the giant network announced in February. Shi Yuzhu once lamented, more women than men loyal, he would be happy outside form an impression: How have so many beautiful women CEOs? "Our company man, our industry (online games) to account for more than 70% foreign man, is just a few women, so there is a misunderstanding. Inside, if you look at our team if all together, the woman outside the basic know, the man outside basic don’t know."

our company is in charge of Liu Wei." Shi Yuzhu said, she told me more than a decade, did not make a mistake in the economy, I naturally very much believe her." "When I’m on impulse, she pulls me back."

"our greatness and failure"

six months ago, Liu Wei carried out her more than and 10 year in the company’s eighth job transfer. In September 2007, she left Shanghai Jianteshengwu Technology Co. Ltd., President of giant network Group Co. ltd.. Her office moved to Changning District by a reconstruction of old plant office building from Shanghai golden Magnolia plaza.

anyone who has a little memory of the giant building will find that the building is really obscure. . The elevator door opened on the two floor, in front of a huge poster of the "giant" written by more than 2 photos of the giant online staff. A man wearing only the middle of the drill red t-shirt. Of course he was Shi Yuzhu.

this poster was produced in November 1, 2007 to celebrate the company’s listing on the New York Stock exchange. Liu Wei had to mobilize the work is to prepare for the listing, Shi Yuzhu said that the public

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