73% minors play online games

73% minors play online games

March 6, 2017 lejlgizx 0

in Beijing in January 31, Chinese Youth Social Service Center, before the release of "minor" investigation report on the status of the application of Internet technology. The report shows that the proportion of minors playing online games is very high.

very high proportion of minors, accounting for 73.1% of the total, did not play a relatively small number, accounting for the total number of 25.6%.

has not played in the minors online games, said he did not want to play and do not want to play very much, respectively, the total number of people 41.5% and 22.22%, said the general accounted for 27.73%.


survey shows that the frequency of the minors to play online games, a week or so plays network game people accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 36.51% of the total number; in January, half months and months of the time period for the period of more than 40.44% people, of which only a few months to play a game at the rate of 20.25% play online games every day; and the total accounted for 8.81%, which accounted for 3.9% times a day.

from the Internet to play online games of the minor mean length of time, every time playing games on the Internet at the time of one hour or less accounted for 55%, two hours and below, accounting for 72% of the total, among them, 11% of people said that although previously played but don’t play. Play online games for more than four hours of minors accounted for 9%.

The primary purpose of the

respondents to play online games is to relax, the effective percentage of 69.1%. The second is to kill time, the percentage of 11.2%. In order to seek fresh stimulation of minors there are 8.4%. The online game is to compete with others for the total number of 5.2%. 2.3% of people choose to get others admire".

when asked "if you play online games, then you love what" game, "the most adorable", the rate was 53.9%; the second is when the game is "simple", entertainment is more convenient and the proportion of 37.4%; and 33.7% of people think can make a lot of friends in the game "".

in order to comprehensively and accurately grasp the basic situation of the network without adults, Youth Social Service Center China Chinese Youth Academy of Social Sciences Center, China Youth University for Political Science from August 2007 to November, to carry out investigations in 10 provinces of china. The subjects were 9 years old to the age of 16 years old and their parents, teachers, issued a total of 7700 questionnaires.

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