To avoid the Red Sea live gaming circles do ESPN mbaTV completed nearly 100 million yuan B round o

To avoid the Red Sea live gaming circles do ESPN mbaTV completed nearly 100 million yuan B round o

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lead: to raise the public League + + game + variety event broadcast made drama, ImbaTV is also exploring the standard mode of gaming content production.


video game content provider ImbaTV announced on October 26th has completed nearly 100 million yuan of B round of financing. This round of financing by the fund’s Adams Zijin culture capital lead investor, MIPs capital investment, A round investors Sequoia Capital and innovation works continue to overweight with investment. ImbaTV co-founder and CEO Shen Weirong said that a new round of financing will be used primarily to three pieces of content: create a new game show form, construction business model, O2O organized international tournament.

ImbaTV is a game manufacturer, currently the main contents include the major events broadcast, founded the congregation raised events I League, gaming variety shows and homemade drama creation etc.. In 117 (Shen Weirong), Haitao (Zhou Lingxiang), Demon (Zhang Zhexi) six co founders are represented once TV gaming circles star producer. Therefore, as a start-up company in June last year has just been established, their financing process is quite smooth. By the entrepreneur financing opportunities, the reporter interviewed one of the co founders of DOTA, celebrities Haitao, listen to him this belongs to the young man and the young industry company is how to develop business strategies and capital operation.

star effect of the financing process

Haitao (Zhou Lingxiang) said, in some of their decisions in the gaming circle of entrepreneurship, there has been a lot of venture capital institutions came to the door. E-sports is a new thing for many adults, it has just been determined by the State Sports General Administration of Seventy-eighth sports. Star founder of the industry to eliminate strangeness and enhance investor confidence is quite beneficial. ImbaTV’s team finally chose to work in a wide range of cultural layout of the workshop and the industry recognized Sequoia capital.

ImbaTV did not cut into the domestic class Twitch mode platform of the Red Sea, but chose to become content producers and suppliers, early and not excessive demand for funds, but focus on content quality and brand construction. TV background of the ImbaTV team is well aware of the contents of the production is a long experience of accumulation, so the next phase of the rapid financing is not their most concern. ImbaTV for the traditional TV channel advantage still exists for; on the other hand, more and more money into the gaming industry, especially the incoming president Wang Wang Sicong to speed up the whole industry platform + content + distribution upgrade process, the final with Jiangsu TV resources capital lead investor Adams added a new round of financing, Wang Sicong MIPS investment with investment becomes justifies.

attention to the audience’s game content provider

especially in 2015, the gaming industry most attention is a major broadcast platform for all kinds of wars, especially the tear forced "anchor become scarce >

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