Electricity supplier breaking Kung Fu outside the poem

Electricity supplier breaking Kung Fu outside the poem

March 6, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

More and more recent contact with the boss of

, found that many bosses into the electricity supplier of the siege, not come out, encounter a lot of problems in management, sales can not be resolved, want to go to a business master, broke through the siege, like Denon eight in Qiao Feng, mountain moving power to turn the tide. Reversed the situation.

but in fact, to find the means of breaking the Bureau, often "Kung Fu outside the poem". Zhuang Ziyun: "to the world as a cage, then the birds have no escape." A bird flying in the bow, bow and arrow can hit it, which is really a bow power; and if the whole world as a cage, so no one can escape the birds.

these bosses in the narrow limits of the electricity supplier to find solutions, unknowingly into a mindset, the problem can not be resolved for a long time. In fact, when a problem can not be resolved for a long time, it should jump out of the room, to reflect. May be a lot of basic things you ignore.

in fact, not only do business now have electricity supplier of technology and experience is enough, there are a lot of management and marketing knowledge to master, in the fierce competition, these things did not seem much, but when the competition is very full, it shows their value.

heard today Nanjing decoration industry network marketing expert Jiang, sharing super magic network marketing founder Wang Zijie teacher to help some enterprises just changed a brand name, make sales promotion several times of the case, can not help but think of some real life I have observed, about a year ago in the case, may share with it. Cause everybody thinking.

then I work across through the streets, there are three restaurants and lined up together, the restaurant’s name is "pickled fish", "Xuan delicious", "Zhanjiang chicken farm". Guess which business is best? I was pondering for a long time, only through their name to make a preliminary judgment. The answer will be announced later. Because when the work was the dinner time, so I ran several times, to verify the results basically consistent with my judgment.

we find that many people do not seriously think and plan when they are named. There is actually a lot of knowledge, I do not publish the results, the first analysis.

first, we see these three names, including "Xuan delicious" is the most like a brand name, and the other two is actually the name of two dishes, arguably, "Xuan delicious" should be more in line with the planning and development of the brand.

but, think it over. Like Haier, Wang Laoji, such as brand, visibility is very high, or have the strength to use a large number of RMB brand awareness hit out, as long as a brand name, we all know what they are doing. But the three hotels are not well-known brands, "Xuan delicious", just listen to this name, you know exactly what he does? Is noodle soup, dessert or sugar, or fast food? Do not know.

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