The music stage to complete the D round of financing of 235 million of the first series

The music stage to complete the D round of financing of 235 million of the first series

March 6, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

today announced the music stage, has completed the D series of the first round of financing, financing amounting to $235 million.

for the purpose of financing, the company founder and CEO Xiao Wenjie said, "the current round of funding will accelerate the expansion to the whole population stage music business, music and stage will also increase investment, build perfect risk management system, strengthen brand building".

public information, staged music was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen. As of April 2016, has more than 8 million registered users, in 2015 the annual sales exceeded RMB 10 billion, single month sales exceeded $2 billion.

it is reported that the campus, white-collar, blue collar and other mainstream consumer groups are staging music group users. By the end of 2015, for the blue collar of the sub brand "mention money le" line; in early 2016, the stage music mall to white-collar crowd open; at present, sales from white-collar and blue collar population has exceeded RMB 1 billion. The group has successively set up music, orange finance, money to mention music, the peak of assets and other companies, initially completed the layout of the entire Internet consumer financial ecology.

financing, August 2013, Xianfeng (original music by staging Changqing Xianfeng Huaxing) in March 2014, won the angel round of financing; Jingwei Chinese led tens of millions of dollars A round of financing; in December 2014, obtained by DST (Digital Sky Technologies) lead investor, Bertelsmann, with the investment of $100 million B round of financing in March 2015, and by the Jingdong; group C round of strategic investment. The D round of financing from the venture capital, and Hua Sheng (CoBuilder Partners) and a large domestic insurance institutions lead investor, investors and other investment in investment will continue to be announced after the completion of.

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