American website promotion way really all sorts of strange things

American website promotion way really all sorts of strange things

March 6, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

usually browse the English website abroad, Americans’ humor is really famous, today we want to tell you that this is the promotion of the site in the United States, humor". Indeed, a lot of Americans to see the SEO, the United States IT class

site, there are no small gains, Americans also have a unique idea!

1, on a grand holiday, put on the clothes that are printed on your website, URL, look for a TV reporter, and stand by him.

2, tell your website to the students on earth, let them do a web site with a link to your site. Then, you will begin to enjoy the endless flow of Page and Rank.

3, will be printed with your website URL send clothes to some people, when they put on this dress to kill them. So, in the headlines, there will be a bizarre murder – wearing clothes were killed". Oh, yeah, remember when you were arrested and put on this dress, then the newspaper headline: " killer is finally brought to justice".

4, on your site for the same topic made a lot of boring article, soon you will become the object of discussion, "the webmaster is really an idiot, old hair so boring article."

5, after making love with the stars, put the video on your website. This will surely bring you links and traffic.

6, in some important places, such as the embassy or the Great Hall of the people, will take the flag on the flagpole, put on your website with flags.

7, in some sports, wearing your T-shirt on the court website (dressed streaking streaking??). The football match, the car is free.


8, let Andy Lau’s son take your site name.

9, pretend to rob a bank, of course, be sure to wear clothes printed on your website URL. You robbed before remember to call the police and television. Maybe second days there will be such a newspaper headline: "after a bizarre murder, behind the looting of Chinese bank

10, donated to the refugees with your logo logo clothes, you will get a lot of traffic, because you really help people.

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