Advertising is not accurate marketing insight data in order to lean and efficient

Advertising is not accurate marketing insight data in order to lean and efficient

March 6, 2017 uttpdooa 0

I do not know when to start, precision marketing began to be a lot of network marketing company touted. Especially some digital marketing agency, is to be called "precision" seems to look up to as the standard, two words, advertising effect will be increasing exponentially. Indeed, based on COOKIE implants, LBS positioning, as well as various types of client software assisted data collection, advertisers can collect huge user data. After the analysis and purification of these data, but also can effectively provide advertising support for decision-making. Perhaps the word that is a result of precision marketing, but advertising is precision marketing? Years of network marketing, pilotage Bo king of precision marketing should be considered from the beginning to the end of the whole process of lean operation, not to buy media advertising so simple and rude.


precise user portrait

precise user portrait is the first step in the implementation of precision marketing. It is based on the analysis of the accumulated data, and accurately locate the geographical distribution, gender ratio, age structure, knowledge level, preferences, social mapping and many other features. However, when we put in advertising, because there is no accumulation of raw data and many other factors, it is difficult for potential users to conduct effective data analysis. Subjective judgment and objective data, is also one of the common methods to determine the user portrait. Now some popular words, each search engine has the corresponding index analysis function, can be relatively accurate evidence subjective judgment. Accurate portrait of the user has a continuous optimization process, the need to gradually narrow the scope of the data, improve the accuracy of user groups positioning.


elaborate material creative

The purpose of the

precise user portrait is to know where the potential users are and who the ads are for. The second step of precision marketing, advertising creative materials carefully to write, etc. produced artwork as well. In today’s headlines, for example, push the information business promotion in the news, the title text copy form. Because of the color collocation, location layout and general information as if advertising is not obvious, it is difficult to stimulate the user’s interest, naturally does not bring marketing transformation. In particular, the CPM way to show the cost of advertising, the lack of fresh material creativity meaningless, will only lead to endless consumption of advertising costs.


fine media delivery

Now a lot of

digital marketing company launched DSP and RTB platform, basically all kinds of package access portal, social networking, video, mobile terminal and other media advertising, and then use the auction sales to purchase advertising. Because of the current marketing advertising, the use of almost all the CPM model, as long as the show will pay. So must be based on accurate user portrait, the choice of media advertising. Fine media delivery also includes

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