Domain name an important factor affecting website development

Domain name an important factor affecting website development

March 6, 2017 upgypqbj 0

website webmaster all know Google is in both technique and character is far better than Baidu, but Google has been done in Chinese but Baidu, a lot of people to study, finally come to the conclusion that Google does not understand Chinese or do not understand the Chinese market marketing! Google said that Baidu does not understand Chinese that is just speculation, do not take it seriously.

            said Google does not understand this is plausible marketing, which company in Shenzhen no one day is Baidu’s telephone marketing bombing over N times? In my opinion, these are not the main factors. Once I speak to a friend, I said that you will find products to Google may find a good point, Baidu is advertising, the friends more than once asked me: "feel shy, I forget how to play, last time you said that the Google’s Web site?" I really can’t only tell him one of the most simple method, that is you to Baidu search "Google" can be found.

to find Google Baidu, said it was ridiculous, but in China this is a fact. When you forget a company’s Web site, you can go to Baidu search, Baidu good! Fortunately, we are able to play in the address bar of the Baidu site, as long as they do not know how to know how to play Baidu in accordance with the spelling of the alphabet!

              if Baidu does not use pinyin domain name, if he had to follow suit (so important a few years ago a lot of love Yahoo love behind the website with two duck’s egg, but duck’s egg really), but not, or So Baidu’s development will be affected greatly, many people even Baidu can not remember, is very difficult to access to many people! No matter how we evaluate Baidu today, Baidu has made a great contribution to the popularity of today’s network.

we analyze another two currently do less than ideal site, Sohu YAHOO I remember when I learned the Internet 04 years ago, I do not know how to play these two web sites, I always put the Sohu into the YAHOO is very distressed, but fortunately I know the Baidu. The original can not remember the URL can go to Baidu search, for a long time, even the first Sina I also go to Baidu search!

              I just checked out Alexa natural statistics traffic is 7800IP, we all know that this thing is not too accurate, I estimate the actual flow far more than this. Open a domain name parking station, a serious impact on the user experience, >

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