Human nature marketing in traditional industries

Human nature marketing in traditional industries

March 6, 2017 bksuroys 0

gets up in the morning. The feeling of the body is not as good as before, writing articles can exercise the mind, the storm did not stop, exercise stopped. Who and I meet for the first time do not forget a word, too thin. Indeed, uncoordinated. 1 meters tall, only 70 kilograms, 82. Partial thin. Plus do not exercise, before doing a half year fitness card, since the Yellow after. Stop it. In fact, it was also occasionally go, a week can go on a good. There is no time, but also to write articles. Sister always laugh at me, like a little girl, good shape.

before exercise, although thin, but we have the muscle ah, still feel pretty coordination. Now it is difficult to catch up, after all, six months. That day, I went out for a little while and started to catch my breath. Fitness has been accumulated for a long time, once put down. It’s hard to pick it up. In fact, I write the article is a fixed time every day, insist on down, it will become a habit, but once put down. In the more difficult to continue to insist for a long time, not only develop the habit of thinking, but also cultivate the reading habits of readers. In fact, I want to say what? Stick to how hard it is one thing for 21 days enough?.

opened a new gym downstairs. Rhino training camp.

wife also rushed to me to do a card, nothing to go to fitness. May be too annoying at home, or I may go out with no sense of security. Indeed, every time out, a dispute, I always advised her to forget, pulled her away. We can’t beat people. In fact, it is not really beat others, think about if you can not take a step back dispute, it will not affect the mood. What is the purpose of playing out?. Why bother. Why because little things affect mood. The mood is really important, will change a lot of things. May be a trivial matter, it will lead to the big event together watermelon, is so many great things happen, maybe I take a step as boundless as the sea and sky although on the surface, but also weak, in order to better protect them.

looked down a bit, this rhino, really better than imagined, may also be expected here is not so high, the moment feel tall. 00 it is a few people, not many people. And we talked for a while, the manager is a woman, especially a good figure, lordosis after alice. Acura.

I asked: "not many people, is the reason why just opened?"

she said: "people usually a lot, this point is wrong, you come in the evening to see."

I asked: "are you sparring?"

she said: "yes, there are a few have not come yet?"

I asked: "are women?"

she said, "yes."

I said: "this is not some of the targeted?"

she said: "no, ah, there are a lot of male customers rushed to our beauty. What do you want to be

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