On the brand advertising and media companies from the media a few new ideas

On the brand advertising and media companies from the media a few new ideas

March 6, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

1, the product is greater than the brand

my personal experience is that the faster the spread of information, the more difficult it is to maintain brand loyalty.

we often say that the concept of brand loyalty, in fact, for any brand, the product has been the most important, the product is not good or can not follow the progress of the times, and then loyal fans will turn. Brand loyalty may delay the death of a brand, but there will never be an eternal brand loyalty, if there is always brand loyalty, then NOKIA will not collapse.

today, the era of brand loyalty is getting lighter, and more and more weight of product loyalty. For example, millet has been low morale, a MIX can be rescued, and even a rice noodles, he will buy a good product millet, millet millet Tucao bad products, the future will become the norm.

A few days before the

in a group discussion of the brand younger, beauty beautiful makeup boss told a reference path:

"I recently thought that many of the old brands want to be younger, the right line should be: the product is younger -" marketing younger – "channel younger -" brand younger."

but a lot of brands to do, and their brand is a young way, the first to make a movie that I think 90 after the very favorite, but the product is immutable.

in fact, the so-called brand is not so complex, the brand is produced by your products to shape, which is the most basic thing. It’s like you’re saying you’re an ostrich, you’re not dressed as an ostrich, and you’re going to have to pull an ostrich egg.

2, advertising era of compounding

This is the same

cognitive beauty beautiful makeup boss Huang Tao told me.

due to the business development, advertising can be seen as a short-term investment, because money is particularly fast. For example, you get on a train or Taobao public number 100 thousand advertising, effective delivery, can quickly recover the principal with interest and profit. If you put the cycle is 3 days, and you only have an advertising fee of $100 thousand, in fact, you can put in a year of 120 times, so that the calculation of your annual advertising budget is already $12 million.

this is the history of mankind is one of the most important discovery, it affects the advertising industry.

this is because the advertising cycle shortened and the effect immediately visible (Internet advertising is particularly obvious) and the dividend. Even small brands, small budget can do big things.

3, the electricity supplier from the media is a canteen business

last year in a conference on the Internet, hear a lot from the media in the appliance business report on water, in fact I feel very funny, they boasted of their own electricity supplier of water from the media, since the media generally took a number of investment, you will feel the electricity supplier from the media and broad prospects.

but it is not

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