How to use customer resources and integration to promote Taobao exchange station

How to use customer resources and integration to promote Taobao exchange station

March 6, 2017 nfyactcp 0

today, there are still many Taobao who join the group, Taobao guest website promotion and difficult in operation, the choice of what kind of products, personal feeling is according to their own interest and understanding. As long as the Commission is too low the product can do, Taobao railway station has been not suitable for Baidu optimization, because Baidu Taobao guest kind of site is more and more big crackdown. While Taobao station general lack of quality content, product data acquisition is, itself is not conducive to optimization. But you can choose to WeChat platform or QQ platform to promote, no matter what platform to choose, the most difficult step is the accumulation of pre marketing users, which is a long process.


era of big data for marketing is an opportunity, the value of the data is shared and reused, there are many Taobao customer communication group. Of course, there are a lot of Taobao customers to promote similar products, such as: weight loss products, in the process of promotion must have accumulated a lot of potential customer resources. For example, there are many long-term accumulation of customer resources in their friends, and these resources are the most precious thing Taobao customers. Assume that a Taobao customer has one thousand potential customers in the QQ number, then the promotion of similar products and Taobao interchangeable, so you can get more user resources. But the premise must be able to trust each other’s friends, or their precious resources are gone.

in addition to swap resources, user data can also be integrated use. Here’s a simple example: the weight loss products target users are those who are obese, just as young women. Therefore, it can be regarded as women’s consumer products, and can promote those suitable for fat clothing. There are a lot of consumer products, so as long as the integration of these user resources, presumably will get more resources. There are enough user resources to carry out marketing or promotion work, using WeChat or QQ to gather these potential customers.

data exchange and integration of the difficulty lies in the peer is the enemy, it is estimated that many Taobao customers are not willing to sell or exchange their hard accumulation of user resources. But this is not entirely impossible, as long as the trust between each other can be established, as for those who sell QQ friends resources, most of them are crooks, or do not believe those people. But in order to make money and profit, cooperation and mutual assistance may be another way out of the guest a Taobao, personal time and energy is limited, single-handed Taobao off their survival may be more difficult.

Taobao customers are the main means of promotion or Baidu optimization, Baidu optimization is also more and more difficult to do, eggs can not be placed in a basket. Taobao guests Baotuan heating model might be better in terms of user data, sharing and integration is the key to the success of marketing. Source: Guangzhou green wind network original reprint must keep

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