2008 online union ranking network selection results

2008 online union ranking network selection results

March 6, 2017 ckrekbra 0

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a, activity profile

fell in love with online games was founded in Pudong in January 11, 2007. Jointly organized this event, Ipark voice platform, Hua Jun software, and a number of units of a visit to the development of online games industry at the same time can change the mode of economic growth, better promote the show online union a special "online union charm line" activities.

–2008 ten online games union network selection is both fall in love with online games, the line after another important follow-up activities.

when a focus on the online games industry network game player selection activities, is to bring the most influence and appeal in the domestic game, the game features the online union for the public online game player groups, guide people to attach importance to the management and guidance from the union members of the angle of consumption and actively respond to changes in the online union. The network selection activities, will be able to pay attention to the voice of online gamers. Carry forward the traditional culture China those outstanding online games and online games with game player, against trade unions, wantonly exaggeration ideas, extravagance and waste, actively promote environmentally friendly consumption and labor management. At the same time, vigorously advocate moderate consumption, fair treatment of members and management organizations, trade unions, through this environmentally friendly choice to promote the development of online games and the growth of trade unions. Through various forms of publicity and education, strengthen the social groups of online games online game player union consciousness, the core concept, guide the majority of online games online game player to protect the environment and conserve resources, focus on online game player health, important to instil a selection of low energy consumption products on the growth of Online trade unions. So that the initiative will be the theme of the event passed to everyone around him, and set an example, from the side of the little things, in order to protect the growth of our trade union only contribution.

two, event organizer

fell in love with the online community

ipark voice platform

Chinese Army software

for war

three, event organizer

fell in love with the online community

activity only designated website: http://s.iswy.net

four, on the network selection activities

1 activity start time May 1, 2008 -2008,

2 draw on

After the end of the

network selection, by falling in love with the online community

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