From the little apple to see the soft text to promote writing

From the little apple to see the soft text to promote writing

March 6, 2017 nfyactcp 0

recently, "little apple" was finally squeezed under the ice bucket challenge layout headlines, I can calm down to think about the relationship between a small apple and soft writing. Of course, the period will continue to ring, "you are my little apple". This is the magic of this song, whether you love or not love, he is in the head of a circle around.

small apple lyrics VS soft text content

mountain, highbrow, these words cannot be used to describe the "little apple", can only use "down to earth", "mass line" to describe. The lyrics of the small apple is really popular, let a person immediately understand what to say, you are my little apple, in love, in the family, which includes all the tenderness. The song itself is as a way of entertainment, relaxation, chatting with others talking, in this big market China environment, we can obtain the right to speak in the popular communication. So there is no doubt that the contents of the small apple to cater to the public taste. Not only is the chopsticks brothers, as well as Yang Chengang, Long Pang and other singers, they are about to be attracted to the positioning of the target group is quite accurate.

so soft terms should also like pop songs, to let others know what you are saying, and you made the whole environment rendering, let the reader slowly article attract, with the author’s thinking, if you can take the readers with reading your article, which in today’s Vegetarian reading the consumer has won the first step. Secondly, don’t take the reader as a fool, is a popular writing direction, the article also have to show off your strength, what metaphor, personification, their way of thinking still need to shine. This will not only make your article in the reader’s head east only again, at least not so greedy out several times. Chopsticks brothers little apple MV also Meiqimingyue also took a touching love story a few of the world. Even if the side too tacky, by Western style. The last sentence, soft writing still need a bit of conscience, fabrications or too exaggerated is not to be trusted. We have to fly

platform and high-end low-end fields with a

small apple first high-end Youku as the starting platform, undoubtedly, their choice is correct, Youku will spare no efforts to recommend. Furthermore, chopsticks brothers allows all the team small apple two creation, so this song exposure increases the flexibility of its songs also strengthened, both tall and the "grass root". From the students, the square dance and even the army are jumping in the small apple. Even my mother forced me to help her download the song, how can I refuse?.

soft written after the release of the platform is also very important, and according to different platforms to create different soft text writing. Even if the same content, sent to the forum and the portal must be different. It’s important to capture the curiosity of the group. Webmaster home, portals, forums and blogs, these different platforms will not be the same as the focus, which is based on what your soft text is to ensure that

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