What is blog blog network and blog site

What is blog blog network and blog site

March 6, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

Since 2002, the blog has been stationed in China, the development of the blog is very rapid in china. Blog is a new thing. Blog, the earth people know. When it comes to blogging, there will be many different answers to   the case, because each can go to his own mind to interpret the concept. In the major search engines can be found in the relevant mass data. Especially "what is a blog?" As keywords, become hot links. Until now there is a more stringent definition of introduction. At the same time I went to look for a number of popular network of several interpretations, coupled with their own thinking to understand.

Second, to interpret from the blog verbalnominalization. In the first definition, the word from the Chinese part of the word is a verb, but also the blog is another English word Blogger. And the -er end of the word, is the "people" meaning. So, that’s who wrote blog. Originally more accurately translated as "blog" or "blog"". But the "guest" word "call on some industries to patronize people (visitors, customers, etc.) to engage in certain activities or has some specialized people (politicians, swordsman, brokers etc.)". It is clear that the guest itself contains "people" to explain, so the "person" or "people" to go, it becomes a blog. At this time, the interpretation of the nominalization is: people engaged in the creation of the network log.

Third, to interpret the image from the perspective of metaphor. Interpreters are divided into two categories, one is a foreign class. More representative of the:

1. Evan  Williams: blog concept is mainly reflected in three aspects: frequent updates (Frequency), Brevity (concise) and personalization (Personality).

2. Paige Noonan: · blog is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day running speech website, this website in the wild, sincere, thoughtful and reserved, strange way to provide free speech.

3. Rebecca  Blood:  blog is the latest trend of development on the Internet, following the E-mail, BBS, ICQ (IM), the emergence of fourth kinds of network communication. &nbst

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