n order to promote we really have to do anything

n order to promote we really have to do anything

March 6, 2017 lejlgizx 0


mailbox will receive letters more aggressive e-mail, said it is fierce because the title is too white, motionless that "I wanted to find someone" cohabitation "today I uploaded nude photos". Needless to say, this is some bad Adsense in order to promote their website and mass production of spam.

here I do not want to blame these people, after all, everyone has their own way of promotion, not even Ali mother has been a period of time often sent to advertise on your website fraud information. But I want to say is that maybe we can take some of the more civilized way, webmaster should be Internet development enabler, not spoilers.

a few days ago to see a webmaster friends to write the article, said he felt very contradictory, because many webmasters have no sense of responsibility, in order to improve the site’s visit has reached the point of unscrupulous. In addition a webmaster said Ao head rich marriage female from Baidu Post Bar turned thousands of flow over, not many webmaster in looking after the practice sniff at this time? How many sites hang a red CHINA, many webmaster’s head into a patriotic picture too much, said the country? A red website is not exaggerated, it is not that our webmaster is very responsible for


maybe the individual stationmaster is the worry, in order to bring out their own hard to do the site promotion and the use of inappropriate means, but I think it is best to do this in several ways:

1 does not control spam. You sent once a week, I might be curious to take the initiative to see if your site has any attractive place, you send three times a day, who suffered the ah, destined to win a good reputation.

2 to promote the use of abnormal words. Adult literature in adult literature, everyone is now not so fun, and cannot read, why must get 3P4P, also don’t destroy the kitchen and bathroom, a child.

3 more than two pop-up window. This hate, I might be looking for information to your site, no matter from which I approach, this proves that your promotion at least has been very successful, but I will slap, a pile of pop, I won’t come second times, even the garbage station should also have a little long eye light ah, advertising is the premise to put in to keep visitors under.

in fact, as many webmaster said, a website to promote, he should be a good site, good content, and then to promote, so that can be twice the result with half the effort.

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