Zhou Hongyi talks about doing product manager heart care always pay attention to

Zhou Hongyi talks about doing product manager heart care always pay attention to

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Zhou Hongyi

lead: Zhou Hongyi did in their own products, have a lot of experience. One point is that Zhou Hongyi felt the heart, responsible for their own products on their own responsibility, is the basic premise of a product manager.

I just came, the conference organizers told me that many people today to exchange is the designer and product manager, said there are 50 company executives, I want to have a talk with you today, for many executives, I actually have a suggestion, past this division particularly clear, do a product like a production line, was responsible for the planning, known as product manager, responsible for the implementation of the project, known as project manager, and specializes in UE, UX and UE later I did not understand how to distinguish between, there was a big company with me for a long time, UX is the user experience, UE UED, the very fine, I listened for a long time, these two characters at least in my career, I think it is difficult to distinguish, finally there may be responsible for R & D, get responsible for product planning, with the code Pile up.

more here today is a designer, I also very much against a company, a lot of people to art as a designer, says designer products do a good job, you give me beautify, embellish, adjust the color, look at the pixel, the designer itself should become a product manager.

I have some personal experience, not because I have succeeded, but because I was the biggest loser, I made a big mistake in the user experience, and even others scold you see I pour out a torrent of abuse, and investment in successful products do, it is because you don’t see that there are many not successful, not successful products, not be of concern to everyone and remember. So there are a lot of experience, I summed up a few simple experience, that is, a few heart word:

is said to be the most simple, is the heart

a lot of people laugh, we do not carefully? A lot of people in the company just had a screw, a lot of time to do a product, it is for myself, or that in the implementation of the boss’s will, or carry out orders, intentions really


if a person take yourself too small, just look at themselves as a working, you are such a level and mind, you cannot become a really good products product manager, so I hope that if you listen to my heart, when go back to work in the company, nor management company is not your own, you come up with a pioneering spirit. Many people say I’m not the entrepreneur, why should I entrepreneurship, do you want to do your own company to put a product do? In fact, others on the platform with the boss to spend money, spend the company’s resources, the company did not pay tuition, if we are not able to fully mobilize their own a, want to achieve the ultimate product, make the product success in the market, to.

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