Jingdong entrance or in the year of WeChat launched a red bag to grab users

Jingdong entrance or in the year of WeChat launched a red bag to grab users

March 6, 2017 ckrekbra 0

Xu Lei, vice president of Jingdong

today, said in a media communication conference on the entrance of Jingdong in WeChat will be on the line in the near future, but did not disclose the specific time.

Jingdong roadshow information, it is expected in the WeChat access port is an entrance directly with the circle of friends, such as parallel sweep swept away, but not before selection of merchandise at my bank card, the next level.

According to Xu Lei

, WeChat entrance or launch during the 618 Shopping Festival of Jingdong, "not for 618 and specially launched, but as to catch up with the 618 Shopping Festival, so there will be some factors of promotion." Xu Lei said that in the 618 Shopping Festival, Jingdong and Tencent will be further cooperation, then WeChat, hand QQ, Jingdong APP will also launch a joint venture with the red envelopes grab.

at the same time, Xu Lei stressed that the introduction of Jingdong WeChat entry-level entrance time, location, user interface, etc. will be adjusted according to the actual operating situation, there is no fixed number.

as early as May 21st, Xu Lei had said on micro-blog, WeChat will set up Jingdong entrance within ten days, but then he deleted the WeChat, Jingdong also did not reply.

Jingdong and WeChat integration has been in this period of time attention. On the one hand, WeChat my bank card – featured product has recently revised, and gradually start to move goods Jingdong (previously the main channel for the QQ online shopping fast and easy network products); on the other hand, the Jingdong "micro shop" project has started.

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