Group purchase pattern settles former Gaopeng difficult full

Group purchase pattern settles former Gaopeng difficult full

March 6, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

IT Internet industry enterprise peak worship to be too numerous to enumerate but few people pay attention to the past, Lawrence in lonely, without the group purchase industry. The rise of group purchase for nearly four years, the battle had the book of feudal lords vying for the throne, the U.S. group, public comment on the group’s market share of over 70%, the industry structure has settled. But for the future development of the industry, the case is more a failure sometimes successful model of nutrient and warning significance, the first weekly 2013 year-end inventory about the group purchase industry "loser" mentality impetuous faded after.

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"external evaluation is no longer important to me"

from the last with full network CEO Feng Xiaohai has been more than two years, it was sold out network scenery, according to the independent group purchase navigation site 800 data show that when the full net monthly sales of 100 million yuan, ranking the industry group purchase fourth, signed the duo A dream to become the brand image soon, full network office the building is located in Dongzhimen’s eyes can see the cartoon characters.

now, Feng Xiaohai said, because the rent, full network office was moved to Jiuxianqiao.

before the interview with Feng Xiaohai, he is always very busy, speech is very fast. Once he was on a business trip in the field, while helping the taxi master admitted to accept the Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed.

and now, has announced the first group of veterans to buy earnings bluntly too much exposure.

I do not care about the views of the outside world, which is not the same as in previous years, Feng Xiaohai admitted that the mentality has been unloaded impetuous". This is not the reason for the full network market share continued to shrink, but "if the enterprises in the spotlight will likely whitewash many shortcomings".

"a healthy enterprise is I give full network goals", not because of this full network this year monthly sales decline and change.

according to the group 800 data, full network poor performance in the first 10 months of this year’s market share, the average monthly sales of only 36 million yuan, while the industry’s first monthly transactions amounted to 1 billion 190 million yuan.

Feng Xiaohai is no longer attached to the data representation, to pay more attention to the enterprise internal circulation health, he made such a metaphor, "a person is rich but he is not in good health, or a personal health but the mental problems, I don’t envy these two kinds of people, the pursuit of full network now it is different from the former two".

of course, from the prosperous period of the enterprise down, the helm of the mentality of the transformation is not done overnight. "I experienced some adjustments, including communication with friends and feelings of myself, this is a precipitation process of enterprises and themselves, not what is not good," Feng Xiaohai forthrightly said.

is still working late every day to rest, focus on the IT Internet industry in all the emerging and popular areas, in order to full

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