What is the CN domain name

What is the CN domain name

March 6, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

domain name is a widely used Internet address. People visit websites, send e-mail, use the domain name. For example, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee website domain name is: beijing2008.cn.

        domain name is from forward to arrange. The last paragraph of a domain name belongs to the type. For example,.DE on behalf of Germany,.UK on behalf of the United Kingdom,.CN on behalf of China’s national top-level domain name. All the end of the CN domain name represents China’s Web site or for Chinese users of the site.

          yellow skin and black eyes are all the children of the Yellow Emperor logo, CN domain name is China of network economy is Chinese logo, the business on the Internet "brand identity";.CN is rich in resources, users can register to short enough of a good name, is the user on the Internet brand strategy resources; CN the domain name registration procedure is simple, cheap, fast and applicable law in the use of China Chinese, full service, quick access, fully protect the interests of users and the right to know.

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