Export electricity supplier peace light n the first half of this a few listed three new board

Export electricity supplier peace light n the first half of this a few listed three new board

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unlike the cross-border import electricity supplier as a sudden burst of sudden cooling, cross-border export electricity supplier for so many years seems to have been relatively steady development, but not "tepid" too. Of course, more ups and downs, sad history only practitioners themselves most clearly. From the situation of the capital market this year, the export electricity supplier industry is still a lot of gratifying things, the new board also appeared several familiar faces.

so far this year, the listing of three new board of cross-border export electricity supplier companies, including proud electricity supplier, there is a tree, the electricity supplier and the price of the chain of these four. Among them, the electricity supplier overgreat 2015 operating income was 910 million yuan, net profit of about 17 million 395 thousand yuan; there is a tree in 2015 operating income of about 1 billion 80 million yuan, net profit of about 64 million 880 thousand yuan, gross margin was 39.13%; the sea wing electricity supplier in 2015 operating income reached 1 billion 300 million yuan, net profit of 160 million yuan, gross margin of 52.53%; the price chain business in 2015 income is 137 million yuan, net profit of 8 million 750 thousand yuan, gross margin was 45.38%.

proud electricity supplier: dance in the European market

In fact, the Shenzhen based e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the pride of the electricity supplier) as early as November last year in the new board listing, the stock code is 834206. However, in February this year, the official in the new board of public offering of shares 2 million 777 thousand and 800 shares, 100 million yuan to raise funds by 1 registered shareholders and 8 new investors to participate in the subscription.

according to the announcement, chairman and general manager of overgreat business land transfer subscription of 10 million yuan, Shanghai Cci Capital Ltd – Shanghai Cheng Cheng charge charge No. 1 Qixin private investment fund asset management plan and the Beijing Investment Company Limited – point point three new board growth No. two the subscription of 30 million yuan, Qingdao Jiahong one venture investment fund (Enterprise Limited Partnership) to subscribe for 15 million yuan.


proud electricity supplier in 2015 financial situation

billion state power network to view public information learned, overgreat electric was founded in 2010, has been built in German, French and Spanish and other European languages independent website, and created its own brand AUKEY.

has a tree: exports are not let go

at the beginning of April this year, Shenzhen has a tree Polytron Technologies Inc listed on the new board, stock code 836586. According to the new board of information disclosure, as of 2015 07 month 31 days, Shenzhen city tree Polytron Technologies Inc operating income reached 330 million yuan, net profit of 6 million 780 thousand and 600 yuan, the company’s total assets of 570 million yuan, net assets of 510 million yuan.


has a tree 2015 financial condition

worth mentioning is that there is a tree is not only a large cross-border export players, but also do cross-border import electricity supplier business >

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