Hunan satellite TV television network in Taobao landing

Hunan satellite TV television network in Taobao landing

March 6, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

circulated on the Internet a "Hunan satellite TV – Happigo – cooperation plan", "landing" to network television, made an interesting interpretation.

According to the

cooperation programs, Hunan satellite TV will make its joint venture with QVC Company Happigo, known as "happy life of cross media (Internet) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: happy life)".

in accordance with the previous version of the spread of cooperation, the joy of the purchase and the establishment of a joint venture with Taobao, trying to create interactive entertainment, set the content and product sales promotion in a new cross media company". E-commerce and television marketing platform will be happy to buy and Taobao to build a happy purchase will provide warehousing and logistics and call center support.

the business structure of the joint venture includes: operating interactive cross media (TV + e-commerce) marketing platform, to create brand licensed products, as well as the operation of related television and television programs. The content will be reflected in the Hunan TV program, e-commerce platform, mobile client and other networks.

in addition, the joint venture also plans to launch its own brand mall WHYME, the brand will integrate star resources, and with the star designer to develop a lot of goods. At the same time, WHYME will be opened in the future physical chain. Hunan TV star resources and hit show and happy purchase program content, provide resources for joint venture.

and earlier, and Hangzhou digital TV operators in China signed a strategic cooperation agreement, under the agreement, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in TV shopping, Taobao digital products, mobile phone Taobao and word-of-mouth network services and other business areas, while the first start is the "TV version of".

"we are really talking about cooperation with Hunan radio and television, and the cooperation between the two sides will soon result." The two sides talked about the rumor about the contact, manager Yan Joe does not mince words, but he stressed that "the current published online content is not the final solution."

for such cooperation cases, the Internet is widely concerned, "after the online shopping has many problems, the biggest problem is the buyers in the basic can only see photos before buying, can not know the real effect, it is difficult to confirm the quality. If the network and television, video presentations can solve this problem to a large extent."

it is understood that the profit model in China, for example, set up the network shopping channel digital TV platform, radio and television operators to profit into a way to get extra income. I understand that in the shopping is completed, China will get less than 30% of the profits, which is obviously a new profit model of radio and television operators, this is Print-Rite video, Gehuayouxian and Hangzhou etc. China Radio and television operators coming to seek cooperation.

at present, the number of domestic cable TV users in about 170 million, which has completed the overall number of users to achieve the digital conversion

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