Do not be too bad psychological quality shop

Do not be too bad psychological quality shop

March 6, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

to do business, has always been the risks and opportunities, not 100% insurance money trading, in other words, "is the heart of the play, is to earn it!" as the network becomes more and more popular, more and more friends on the network shop business, has become a trend of a kind of life attitude however, more and more friends are often owner in the psychological quality of the obstacles before the stop or run, give up halfway. There is no good psychological quality, psychological quality does not know this off, although less than the supply problem promotion problems, logistics problems are more significant and attractive, more likely to be entrepreneurs ignore, but it is really need to pay special attention to what shopkeepers.

lack of good psychological quality, the first really lonely and anxious will destroy your entrepreneurial passion. Open shop back to the cash shop ZIZI had recalled:

start helpless flawless, or even suspect that you do not shop is wrong this step, the beginning of a week sometimes no business, or even ask people who are not, really quickly collapsed! And then go shopping with friends, go to KTV to sing, but also the business that come. Around a lot of beautiful MM friends think of my cash back shopping cosmetics or clothing shop is the official website of the brand sales, such as DCH and other brands, the quality is absolutely guaranteed not to say, after the purchase can also cash back to them, even lower than the price after discount shopping, so in the help of friends to buy. That day I have received a 3 list, a total of 590 sales."

"with their help and recommendation, there is a good start. Because the woman is like this, love the ride, she bought her to buy, we use it well, word of mouth, so I shopping return the cash shop slowly entered a formal career."

"but not a lot of new customers or, to open the cash back shopping shop do not I take the time to purchase, distribution, management order, I use the promotion methods work time began to learn and study the crown crown shop owners to communicate in forums, blogs and the use of space to learn to write some log and then there are many soft Wen; back some of the posts, the beginning is see on the back, and think this is good, and later learned back some essence more useful."

slowly visit my space gradually increased, but I don’t know whether he will come into my shop, I work hard, then there is no effect, but after a period of time, the store’s business is gradually warming up, good times, a month can be fetched four thousand or five thousand, higher than the I offer! Good lucky when the beginning not for one repulse, give up, or what is now no venga! "

The following

exchange and some years to do some psychological quality online industry accumulated attention perception, and everyone together


1, select the type of goods, to maintain a single-minded attitude.

online shop, a lot of people do not have a physical store, looking at a lot of business

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