After breaking up with Jingdong to single handedly make it up

After breaking up with Jingdong to single handedly make it up

March 6, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

news July 21st, the day before, Fast Retailing (UNIQLO parent Fast Retailing Company) CFO Okazaki in the 9 fiscal year 2016 months before the conference call revealed that the plan in China and the United States the construction of the new distribution center, may achieve the next day and day.

in April this year, fast selling in Tokyo, Ariake launched a new distribution center, the main supply to the store, but will soon be used for online distribution, service in the autumn and winter clothing season. "One of the main purposes of Ariake warehouse is in line with the network’s flagship store on-line news this fall, also plans to launch online for a pin." CFO Okazaki said.

Okazaki said in a conference call, and the company will use the new distribution center to provide online shopping goods "next day" service, while also considering the "demand area" to "the needs of customers to provide day service. Finally, the new warehouse distribution system will affect the store’s daily job. But in the short term, we focus on optimizing the operation of the warehouse."

Okazaki also said that the company is trying to establish similar distribution center in Japan and other places around the world, from the United States and overseas will be part of China, which means that the future is expected to achieve the day’s China". It is understood that the performance of the new report in Greater China is still good. Although Hongkong and Taiwan due to the economic downturn and drag, but the mainland thriving, the Greater China (mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan) revenue and profits exceeded expectations. As of May 2016, fast selling in the Greater China region, a total of 537 stores.

billion state power network learned last year, UNIQLO during the cooperation with the Jingdong of the distribution rate is "day" level, the Jingdong to provide warehousing and distribution services to support the UNIQLO, also opened a 10 thousand square meters of exclusive warehouse, but, after 3 months in "still needs to explore and improve the" grounds of early withdrawal.


(now Jingdong in search "UNIQLO", "display results for users love the following brand of GAP


reported hearing pin electricity supplier rapid growth in the third quarter of this year (3~5 months), Japan area line accounted for an increase of 4.1% from the same period last year to 5.5%, of course, there is a certain distance away from fast retailing a few years ago proposed the target of 30%. Our medium-term goal is the electricity supplier channels accounted for 30% of total sales, so the electricity supplier in the construction of digital marketing and in the two aspects of a lot of effort, these efforts are also showing effectiveness. In addition, we are also through the online and offline channels to increase the number of two members." Okazaki said.

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