Ali group adaptation pave the way Ma era

Ali group adaptation pave the way Ma era

March 6, 2017 azwnolxx 0

over the past year, Ma completed two things, one is combing the business structure, the structure of the shareholders of the two comb. The former includes spin off Taobao, involved in intelligent mobile phone, including Alibaba, YAHOO, Alipay stock repurchase delisting to VIE.


two event, Ma from "two business" an one step: organization architecture. This step is the most difficult step, because it involves the redistribution of power Alibaba.

July 23rd, Ali group announced organizational restructuring, after the adjustment of the Ali group is divided into a Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Ali Amoy, international business, small business and Ali Ali cloud and other 7 major business groups, the 7 group will include consumers, distributors, manufacturers, business service provider four part.

Ali group said that the above four parts will be composed of CBBS (consumer to to business to service partners) full e-commerce ecosystem. CBBS is the strategic goal of the two venture. The new framework is more conducive to the realization of this strategy. Ali group said the adjustment will strengthen cooperation between the various departments".

unified Ali group business group, Ali group level through the Commission’s approach to the cooperation and coordination between the various business groups. After this round of adjustment, Ali group’s "human rights, property rights, governance, decision-making right belong to the group chairman of the board of directors, CEO Ma hands.

In addition to this, the adjustment is also

Ma era paved the way.

after Ma era is divided into two stages: the first stage is Ma fade specific business level, focusing on the company’s strategic thinking". After the adjustment, which can play a good role of Ma Ma after the era "and" strategist ", and can fully control the Ali group.

The second stage

"after Ma era" is completely out of Ma Ali group, Alibaba from "individual management" into the "collective management", "big six" is the prototype of the collective management team "".

previously, Ali group has been in the implementation of the "One Company" strategy. Alibaba said: a subsidiary system adjustment becomes the business group, will be strengthened and further integration and open up in the three system, business system, management system, organization culture system, realize the whole group of a chess game.

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