Excellent soft science and technology electricity supplier 3 cloud business era has come the inevit

Excellent soft science and technology electricity supplier 3 cloud business era has come the inevit

March 6, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

e-commerce after 1 pure electricity supplier started, to the development of the electricity supplier o2o of 2, has now been upgraded to the era of competition of 3.


In the

1 era, competition in the electricity supplier battlefield almost stay in the Internet, the fight is the flow, then is the Jingdong, Taobao store in the golden age, because of the small number of participants, the flow is enough, and online and offline spreads significantly, not only traffic is not a problem, the profit is also good.

to the 2 era, the focus of competition from the electricity supplier gradually extended to the line, the fight is the distribution, warehousing, supply and experience, as well as the high profits generated by the information opaque. OPPO, VIVO beyond millet, is the online competition, the most typical representative of the line win.

to the 3 era, pure business has been difficult to build competitive barriers, even extended to the next line services, it is difficult to win the competition in the homogenization. At this time, the electricity supplier as an independent business development has encountered a bottleneck, therefore, Ma also said pure electricity supplier will die. To this end, the electricity supplier must be placed in a larger ecological chain to plan to operate, only realizable value, in order to win in the competition. There are many forms of the ecological chain, which is the most promising development of the cloud service".

In the

3 era, operators have to fight not only online and offline, is not just electricity itself, but through the ecological chain behind the business services industry chain, to meet the diverse needs of users.


from the previous two articles "the age of the Internet, mentioned in the new industrial division of labor", these enterprises will inevitably produce diversified demand, external manufacturing chain services division and internal management division of enterprise. In order to undertake these divisions, such as the service can be divided into the management of the enterprise cloud SaaS and service division of labor in the manufacturing chain together, you can form a cloud ecosystem". To provide users with a comprehensive, diversified services. At present, the best soft technology excellent soft cloud is to achieve the most comprehensive one of the most representative of the cloud ecosystem.

at the same time, in this ecological chain, the traditional electricity supplier has evolved into a cloud of electricity providers, namely cloud business".


and the ultimate goal of the electricity supplier will no longer be a cloud operating profit, nor even bigger water, but through the Internet trade brings huge traffic to the comprehensive ecological chain, and profit from other services. This sentence has several meanings:

1 years have proved that by making the difference, the main business model is based on self-service, Jingdong, Amazon’s earnings as a typical example;

2 is not a means of running water is not the purpose, that is, not to take the transaction as the main source of profit;


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