Marked advertisement and not the soft chains for advertising become a stream

Marked advertisement and not the soft chains for advertising become a stream

March 5, 2017 upgypqbj 0

More than a month

Internet advertising "new regulations" has been implemented, has been used to neatly express "advertising", some people still continue secretive. "Soft hard" let many operators buddy worry: a good day to eat "soft" meal probably gone. Is that true,



the world says change becomes

" a word is not " what action will follow

could not predict

wants to change the status quo of

only make excellence a habit


for Internet operators, advertising is definitely a good stuff, but advertising mood that is very contradictory, but also very tangled: embrace the gold master, but also to ensure that the user experience is not affected. In order to allow users to click on ads, many operators is coaxed additional prizes in the text is a variety of packaging brains.

some time ago, the Internet advertising regulations " " clear requirements: " advertising content must be marked in a prominent position; advertising " words, it put some Internet operators get confused in mind, whether it is PC or mobile phone terminal "circle of friends, one is " " advertising; marking method of brush screen. Some of the information of the APP performance was quite satisfactory, like this:


is another kind of obvious release in advertising, no one would mistake the content, also specially marked advertising words, even inexplicable sense of joy.


is another kind of the small teeth called " ad ", opened up a new attribute author bar.


really want to see what the content is playing advertising

was playing a piece of advertising, advertising play jokes feeling now. Although there is joy, but will still experience shipping operators mingled among the anxiety. Well, the soft " soft " is not significant Mountain Dew, let the user cubujifang eat a Amway, give you good. However, when the soft Wen hang on the advertising label, there are " on the river and lake; soft " this is the case? When the user know the title of the back is an advertisement, he will also click on the title?


if the cloud ~ ~ ~ ~

" hard " requirements are good

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