Master Taobao less than two months 4

Master Taobao less than two months 4

March 5, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

webmaster do stand tired, as do Taobao try!

2008 is a very ordinary day in February 29th, but it is worth a few years for my wife, because this day our Taobao store opened. This shop has been open for more than a month, from February 29th to April 18th, I won a total of 101 from another 5 different pen direct remittance transactions, and meet the 10 city transaction, credit is 4 hearts, very happy, very grateful! Thanks for all the support you have * with snow clothing butterfly (owner: Linzi 19850324) friend! After the initial excitement, ignorant, anxious and confused, and now finally can calm down to think about what this month to the course, not to mention is the experience, just a little experience with the webmaster friends to share: PS: today bought Pu


experience one: because of the delicate, so trust – details often determine success or failure.

I think every new shop friends will have the initial panic: store decoration, graphic labeling, familiar with templates, product description, baby…… Every link seems not so simple. So I was from morning to night every detail, non-stop to learn from Taobao University (thanks to the experience of predecessors, otherwise it is confused), finally in a week later I like some shop! I remember is the shop opened in February 29th, that is until April 5th the Taobao module. Basically, this period seems to have no idea to consider how not buyers come to these problems, to be honest when I was afraid of some people to patronize, because people see the way out of order. You shop, the first impression is not good, the future will certainly not come, so I will concentrate on the decoration Oh, of course! No one bother me…… Here, I would like to talk about their views on the decoration, the theory comes from practice. Might as well go to the street to see, every day there will be a lot of new shops opened, then what is the most attract your eye? I think it is more characteristic of the iconic decoration and eye-catching sign Oh! I saw a particularly delicate decoration shop, psychological will have a special favor want to go for a walk of desire, guests can come in, is the beginning of success! How to make their own decoration to attract customers? I think there are two points must be done: first, the eye-catching signs, physical signs is very important, a good name can let customers remember you, so give yourself shop, store a meaningful name, and to design a decentralized in classification, signage, announcement…… These positions, one can let customers remember, even if he doesn’t want to buy anything, but certainly the impression left, it is better than the geese had no trace of strong many! Second, sign characteristics, sometimes words are often not impressive graphics, abstract memories of people always just a little bit less, if you a >

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