U S group buying giant Groupon 250 million investment

U S group buying giant Groupon 250 million investment

March 5, 2017 gtfgzpay 0


technology news Beijing time on April 5th morning news, the U.S. giant Groupon group purchase said, the company has received $250 million investment from Private Equity Investment Firm Atairos Management, there is a link between the latter and Custer Kang, Kang and Custer will seek to reach a cooperation with Groupon.

Atairos Management is composed of CFO Kang Custer Michael · Angela Keith (Michael Angelakis) was founded, he founded the company with $about 4000000000 in committed capital from Kang Custer earlier this year, and served as its chairman and CEO. As part of this investment deal, he will join the board of directors of Groupon, while Custer will be committed to seeking cooperation with Groupon.

Kang Custer’s Cable Television Department CEO Neal · Smit (Neil Smit) said: "the Groupon’s local expertise and Kang Custer huge subscribers and advertisers network together, this is one thing we are looking forward to explore together."

Groupon said the company will use the investment for general corporate purposes, including the repurchase of shares, etc.. In addition, Groupon also said the company’s board of directors has approved its existing share repurchase program to expand $200 million, and the extension of the program until 2018, April. Groupon has been expanding spending to attract shoppers to use its online shopping service, with the goal of making the investment return before 2017.

last November, Groupon replaced CEO, when the company co-founder Eric · lefkofsky (Eric Lefkofsky) and chairman to resign from the CEO. Currently, Groupon is closing down its operations worldwide and layoffs, because it will focus on the business of the United States and Canada, the two markets accounted for the proportion of the majority of the company’s business. (Tang Feng)

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