Three points of English foreign trade promotion skills

Three points of English foreign trade promotion skills

March 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0

do foreign trade station for website promotion friends worry unceasingly, "foreign trade station site easy, difficult to promote", many of my friends think, to determine a good keyword, then the website is done, Google included, and then use software to send garbage outside the chain, will have ranking, there will be traffic, then money has continued to drill into the pocket……


idea is too simple, if it were easy, estimated all people across the country to engage site to make money, English station is difficult, the main reason is that the network environment is different, do you find the link to Chinese station, station English more easily than, do not think that software send junk the chain will be able to solve the problem, some to be familiar with the environment English.

here I would like to just start doing foreign trade station some of the friends on the accumulation of English resources ideas and methods, if used properly, or should have a certain effect:

1 using Google search keywords

query row in front of the competitor’s website, and then put their website directly into the Google inside to check the reverse link, look outside the chain of people is how to do, people can text, you can also learn a, people can log on, you can also go to the landing, people leave a message where you can go. So the first step is learning, which is a necessary process.

2 foreign forum or foreign trade forum

in the forum you can learn foreign ideas, and the forum will have a lot of need to exchange Links, most of them will be put forward some conditions, if you feel good, tell them to exchange links, of course, you can also go to the domestic foreign trade forum, there are many veterans in this kind of forum they will, from time to time the risk experience for everyone, this step is communication, is also very important to learn how to communicate in the English environment.

3 the most basic website promotion operation

submit directory, bookmark site, Forum promotion, blog message, these have to do slowly, it is impossible for you to have an effect, but the effect will come out. This step is not dry live toil, it means you don’t work hard enough, so Google’s attitude to you may be a little of that, it is reasonable to put into the sandbox.

the basic operation is done, then your website promotion is redoubled, there is a need to be reminded that, since it is English website, then your browsing speed target customers to your website, there is a requirement of the. As we build English station, generally choose GoDaddy application domain name, buy ixWebHosting space, and IXWebHosting also set up Chinese website (, which gives us trouble is reduced to a great extent.

to do the promotion of foreign trade website, the promotion of peace nothing

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