Network network music life strategic landing in Russia

Network network music life strategic landing in Russia

March 5, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

music as a significant progress in the layout of globalization. In September 12th, LeEco held a large conference in downtown Moscow, Digital October, announced the music as ecology in Russia and Eastern Europe company LeRee (LeECO Russia and EastEurope) officially launched, LETV ecological comprehensive landing in Russia and Eastern Europe market. It is reported that, LeRee was founded in 2016, is committed to promoting the development of music as ecology in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS countries.


conference, LeRee President Xu Xinquan and Li Rui, Feng Xing, network network CEO LETV mobile president LETV Co CTO Yuan Bin and other sub ecological executives live on stage, a comprehensive introduction to the music as a unique Internet Ecosystem Model and innovative products. The conference is the finale of the drama music as ecological in Russia sale of two smart mobile phone products – Le 2 and Le Max2, to provide high quality intelligent life experience for Russian users, causing guests praise and praise.


LETV holding vice chairman, Li Rui LeRee and CEO network network CEO Xu Xinquan, LETV mobile president Feng Xing

LeRee, founder of CEO Xu Xinquan speech, described as "cross-border innovation, breaking boundaries of" concept, as well as the major ecological layout across. As the music’s first two independent landing capital market subsidiary, the appearance of network network has the unique value and significance. Through the promotion of music life strategy and the depth of the LeRee to achieve its landing in Russia and the Far East market, Li Rui said. At the same time, by the press conference opportunity, Li Rui also with the Far East Development Fund, the Russian life semi sovereign funds, VTB fund depth contact, in order to seek the power of capital to accelerate the quality and speed of Sino Russian Exchange of goods and scale.

Russian market has the advantages of connecting the two continents of Europe and Asia, while having a massive user base, the value of music as an ecological globalization strategy is not the same. As the music is the only living consumption promoter for ecology, life will break the boundary, product service boundary, geographical boundaries and experience boundaries, from wine to consumer goods, from the trading platform to live life platform, ecological conception of globalization from the mainland. Li Rui stressed that to buy the world to sell the world, to provide users with high-quality consumer products from around the world, services and experience is the concept and vision of life music. Russia’s high-quality eco products in China has a huge market potential, will become the key strategic deployment of music life in the global expansion.


Li Rui interpretation of music life and LeRee depth anti

it is understood that the joy of life and the LeRee depth of the anti, jointly set up a new business platform in the face of Chinese consumers LeLive, through the high quality of the user and cross-border electricity supplier O2O open up, creating

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