E book development trapped in front of

E book development trapped in front of

March 5, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

international business tycoon Amazon Bookstore started on the network, the domestic network bookstore dangdang.com also rely on e-commerce model development, with the rapid development of science and technology progress and e-commerce market, the network bookstore is from the sale of traditional books to sell ebooks. Amazon’s e-book business is very successful, but in the domestic market, the development of e-books encountered temporary difficulties, mainly due to the distribution of benefits. But e-books can try to sell electronic magazines and online novels to support the development of the entire e-book market.

electricity supplier enterprise battle e-book market

dangdang.com is the area of electronic commerce book business on behalf of the business enterprise, but after Jingdong, Amazon, suning.com have entered into the book market, Dangdang business seems to be difficult to do it. Rely on foreign Amazon network books started, and has become a world-class giant complete category, but also a world-class technology giants, the domestic is still plagued by dangdang.com annual loss. Look at the success of Amazon, Dangdang heart very anxious, but no matter how Dangdang could not be Chinese Amazon, but the survival of the business book market continuously by its competitors crowding.

the development of the domestic electricity supplier pioneer gold has been in the past, electricity market has basically been developed, industry pattern has been preliminarily determined, in order to break the existing pattern, the vertical B2C started business platform to continue to expand the types of goods, so it has caused resentment between Dangdang and Jingdong. After Dangdang announced the development of e-book market soon, Jingdong mall also aggressively follow up, then suning.com also said the upcoming ebook, Taobao’s Amoy fence has also been on the line for a long time, the major electricity supplier platform scramble for e-book market. There has been fierce competition in the domestic electricity supplier book market, so as to not like foreign Amazon book business healthy development, and the domestic consumer awareness of copyright is not strong, so the paper books and e-book prices continue to decline, resulting in the book market profit sharing problem of reverse inhibits the development of ebook.

electricity supplier published the author of the three party deposit differences

electronic business platform, the publisher and the author of the three parties for the development of e-books there have been serious differences, mainly entangled in the profit sharing problem. With the development of science and technology, all kinds of intelligent terminals are constantly emerging, the demand for e-books is becoming more and more vigorous.

e-books and paper books have their own advantages, no one can not be missing, the advantages and disadvantages of e-books and paper books have been a lot of people in the industry have demonstrated, I do not repeat here.

e-book prices are not low abroad, but if the price of e-books in China is very high, it will be difficult to attract consumers to buy. From the current e-book market, its price is very low, but the low price can not bring puerile effect, the authors and publishers are more worried about the damage to the spread of online piracy by its interests. If >

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