The small and medium sized enterprise economic instability counterattack broken trillion online shop

The small and medium sized enterprise economic instability counterattack broken trillion online shop

March 5, 2017 nfyactcp 0

Beijing, Ningbo in April 25, (He Jiangyong Yang Jingwen Xu Yufen Zhu Yinying) in 2012 the economic situation is not stable under the background of more small and medium enterprises continue to seek growth and "counter attack" of the road. 25, the electricity supplier for SMEs "counter attack" as the theme of the Eighth Conference of SME e-commerce in Zhejiang held in Ningbo, discussed the current situation and the development and transformation of the electricity supplier in 2013.

online shopping has become a new way of consumption

it is reported that by the end of 2012, the total number of Internet users in online shopping China 564 million, the number reached 242 million, while electricity supplier market is expanding, 2012 trading volume of over 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan, online shopping accounted for 6.2% of total social retail sales increased rapidly.

it is understood that, as early as 2000, Ningbo has been listed as a pilot city of the country, is one of the earliest cities to develop e-commerce. According to the deputy mayor of Ningbo Municipal People’s government Chen Yijun said: at present Ningbo City, all kinds of electronic market turnover has exceeded 2 billion yuan, ranking first in the city "".

"Haishu district has a number of excellent local business enterprise," one of the organizers of the Haishu Communist Party Secretary Peng Zhugang said: "the current enterprise facing the dual challenges of transformation and upgrading, e-commerce enterprises play an increasingly important role in regional development."

in the global economic downturn situation, we see the development of e-commerce is still maintained at about 40%, enough to see the electronic commerce is contrarian flying, "the Ministry of industry and information technology promotion division deputy director Dong Baoqing also said that e-commerce is the effective force in today’s economic development, transformation and structural changes.

e-commerce as a new economic activity of globalization, openness and network is developing rapidly.

enterprise dialogue to find electricity supplier future

electricity supplier industry development is more and more saturated, so that profitability is not simple, the need for continuous innovation and precision control of the market. Vice president of the local enterprises in Ningbo Boyang Garment Group just said: "we are such a leisure brand, we must do homework for consumer groups, is the core of the whole system to do the product completely, for users to develop the products they want to do a good job, experience and service."

competition in the electricity supplier market, not only to fight the price war, but also to pay attention to brand shaping and upgrading. Amazon vice president China Fang Gan media interview said: the price war is the necessary process of growth of China electricity market. It’s good to have a good price, but there are some basic services must have. In his view, in addition to price, good service and adequate inventory is also very important.

according to the bottleneck of cross-border e-commerce, Fang Gan said Ningbo has a larger advantage, on the one hand, Ningbo is the base of electronic commerce, and many outstanding e-commerce sellers in Ningbo. Ningbo, on the other hand

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