Standing on the threshold of Entrepreneurship 3 years of entrepreneurial awareness of the 3

Standing on the threshold of Entrepreneurship 3 years of entrepreneurial awareness of the 3

March 5, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

In this paper, author Li Kan

from the original article submission, about a detailed account of the words, he resigned after three years 3 times less successful entrepreneurial experience, he described his status as "just stand on the threshold of entrepreneurship". A business experience to bring his baptism, let him know himself, but also step by step to strengthen their goals. But not only has the significance of reference and summary, authorize by the author, entrepreneur was cut on the original text, select sentiment with the readers to share, hope business friends are able to find their own answers.


my high school and college experience and games are inseparable, "Magic Baby" "Warcraft" "World of Warcraft" is my favorite game. That memory has been so good to me that the name of my second startup is the guild name of the game – "God"".

although the University also experienced the fun of the game because fail the exam and rebuild, but also because of the love of the game that I later gave up his first job in Shanghai, a famous French fashion magazine corporate website development, chose a well-known domestic game development business letter. Later, I went through a number of game companies, large or small, but did not do the last, the main reason is that I want to do what I want to do the game.

venture for the first time in a hurry, continue to try second times

first venture to maintain only half a year, I chose to quit. Because in the company to contact those projects, the game is really involved in the development of the project is very small, can talk about the project is not much; and finally talk about the project, but also can not bring the company due income. Aside game development, in fact, I can not independently support the company IT this business. In the end, I came out with a list of 3 other entrepreneurs who came out of a well known foreign game company, and started my second venture, the God of the game.

I finally have a complete game team, 4 people share the planning, art, marketing, technology role. We simply laid down the shares, signed a cooperation agreement, immediately embarked on product development. But this agreement is written in a very general, also after the conflict foreshadowed.

because before the page tour is born, although the hand travel market is quite fire, we decided to do the most familiar page tour. But a page tour, from planning to the final formation of on-line operation, only one art, a technology, it is inevitable that some deficiencies. So we started to develop a strategy is: first out of their own version, and then go to investors or operators to discuss cooperation. On the one hand, the company’s valuation is easy to calculate, on the other hand, investors will feel that we are more sincere.

team self-reliance, efficiency and innovation

my idea is to hit the money when you hit first

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