Jingdong also ochirly Mark Ed Faye has joined the virtual fitting

Jingdong also ochirly Mark Ed Faye has joined the virtual fitting

March 5, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

news August 2nd, following the launch of Ali buy+ virtual shopping, Jingdong has also launched a "room" function. The day before, the Jingdong officially launched the mobile Jingdong fitting room, the user can specify the store into the dressing room, choose love clothes, make the model fitting, display effect.

according to the Jingdong, Jingdong in the dressing room is virtual fitting system of artificial intelligence and simulation technology based on the previous version of iPad. At present, many Jingdong any level fitting room to support a large number of apparel shops collocation, businesses are also shown in the background can make collocation.

billion state power network has learned, the user enters the opening room function after the shop, you can see the map focus Jingdong dressing room in the shop home page, you can choose different clothing after entering the "add try", equivalent to the role of the shopping basket. After selection, you can enter the room to try on collocation.

in addition, users can switch to the female male model, in the same room, and can be purchased directly, do not need to return the product details page.

it is understood that at present not all the shops have opened a room, only Mark Ed Faye, British Prince ochirly, Aaron, Rimula men’s and Septwolves brand shop opened this function.



Jingdong has also introduced the road, opened the room function of businesses, in the management of the background can put their plane stereoscopic pictures of the merchandise, join the fitting room. And adjust the clothing size, such as clothing, long sleeve; also can adjust to the details, such as the height of collar, collar radian etc..

In addition to the

, the merchant can also be customized clothing attributes for multi-level matching, such as a jacket is defined as women’s dress – second layers". Through the test of internal and external levels, the display effect is more three-dimensional.


users mentioned that the Jingdong in the dressing room after all models, the model’s body naturally good, what to wear appropriate, wear to himself not necessarily.


, Jingdong, Jingdong, the fitting room has achieved a custom avatar through the user self, and according to the user’s own height, weight, waist circumference and other parameters, which makes the model more personalized matching, more details can be customized parameter adjustment, including multiple parameters of shoulder, chest circumference.

addition, the user can also adjust the background, postural adjustment. Once the user has generated its own personalized model, it can be saved as a file, in the future product recommendation page, Jingdong will automatically recommend the buyer’s body characteristics of clothing.

"the original user habits is to buy the store shopping, with the development of the Internet, to become convenient for users, whenever and wherever possible, to save time; we will use the VR and AR virtual mode, giving users online store feeling, interactive communication between friends can also.

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