Gome online 815 light killer price war who

Gome online 815 light killer price war who

March 5, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

in August, the business circle in the smoke, fighting. Gome online in August 15th to open the pinnacle of war in August, Jingdong is at the same time start appliance 6 anniversary". In August 8th, the two anniversary of the United States online mobile end mobile phone mall and Jingdong QQ line confrontation for the fuse, by August 15th two opponents in the field of home appliances UPS, continuous "beauty with vigour and vitality of Beijing war" from the mobile terminal and PC terminal battle fought back.

overwhelmed by what the negative is still unknown, but the attitude of the United States is full of gunpowder. After Gome President Wang Junzhou through the internal mail issued price is lower than the full command of Jingdong, senior vice president Li Juntao immediately issued instructions to the United States price departments, overall price adjustment line. Gome online chairman Mou Guixian is strictly subordinate, "internal system which is three times higher than the price for the Jingdong, the person in charge of packing!" which means that the United States online and Jingdong have started in a new round of protracted price game.

to do good work must first sharpen his tools. Gome online this "Jiaozhen" Jingdong, should not just shouting slogans, this moment has shown a series of fierce battle killer, including the new on-line smart shopping, you will lose the upgrade and many practical measures, there will be a price to the end of the oath potential. For Jingdong, it is caught by surprise, be taken by surprise.

parity artifact smart shopping on-line price benchmarking further

careful consumers may find that these two days the United States on the online commodity page, some of the goods under the name of a smart buy small label. This is the day before the launch of the United States online parity artifact, as is the United States online price war against Jingdong "killer".

it is understood that this software can go through technical means to the collection of well-known B2C mall, and grab the price of its products and other basic information. Mainly for electricity, 3C, digital and other categories of goods launched price comparison services. Consumers can use this service with the same industry with the price of goods and information query. Landing United States online, in the commodity list page and the details page will appear smart buy parity results, so that consumers in the fancy goods to choose the best one.

in addition to 8.18 as the core, from August 15th to 20, for a period of 6 days of the August war peak sales promotion, Gome online will also work with the Jingdong price you will lose the details of the upgrade, by all electric field to expand to the field of digital mobile phone computer, found your goods than the Jingdong 100 yuan reward 300 yuan to buy expensive to lose. The price pressure tactics one after another, showing not the Jingdong and the fire, step by step the battle situation.

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the smart shopping on the line, the United States is an online shopping experience for the user to carry out the next single link, is directed at the expensive on the commitment of the specific refinement. This link, >

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