Amazon set up shop in the Chinese market in the world free of charge

Amazon set up shop in the Chinese market in the world free of charge

March 5, 2017 tbdwgekl 0


Amazon China CEO Wang Hanhua

China sneak in the market for 7 years in the end what Amazon thick, thin hair what


Chinese Amazon CEO Wang Hanhua, is a polite and low-key a modest, self-disciplined gentleman. He is always smiling, talking about the price war, he was a few seconds, and then said, "Amazon will not take the initiative to launch a price war, but if someone starts price war, we will not hesitate to follow up."


provoked in, Gome mall and Jingdong mall price war, Amazon Chinese also recently launched a decline of more than 30% anniversary promotional activities. He clearly knows, "it is not good to do a good job in china." But Wang Hanhua doesn’t even have a micro-blog, let alone a micro-blog bet.

he wanted to express the Amazon Chinese strength, but also can go beyond that, because the Amazon China only listed companies in the United States as part of the business, do not have to disclose any financial data qualification. In Amazon’s financial statements, you can not find the "Chinese income".

, however, when someone said that Amazon’s sales growth in China last year was 2 times the world’s total (global sales growth of 41%), Wang Hanhua will immediately refute, I am doubling growth every year." According to iResearch data provided by 2011, Amazon Chinese transactions amounted to 6 billion yuan, currently ranked Chinese B2C third position in the market; 2010 transactions amounted to 3 billion yuan, the same year started with books of transactions amounted to 2 billion 260 million yuan, 2011 trading volume but rose to 3 billion 550 million yuan.

reminds me of the Amazon predecessor Chinese (2000) and (1999) after the establishment of "striving Chinese Amazon" situation, can not help but sigh a. Today, Amazon acquired the after 7 years has opened a body position, and last year changed its name to the Amazon in china.

may be telling people, Amazon China is China’s amazon." So that the mall has reached a consensus in the Jingdong: Amazon China is the most feared competitors. 2011, Jingdong mall achieved a turnover of 30 billion 900 million yuan and an increase of 203%. Compared with this, Amazon Chinese body mass and growth seemed pale into insignificance by comparison. So, what exactly are they afraid of Amazon China?


Chinese Amazon like Wang Hanhua low-key, but those years of precipitation system technology, as well as those formed from the beginning of the customer concept heritage and are quietly expressed Chinese is how to copy the Amazon amazon. In March this year, the official start of the test of the global shop platform, it is more firmly to tell people that Amazon China is not just a Chinese company.


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