Online purchase of vegetables served on the same day the office workers to warm the farm house docki

Online purchase of vegetables served on the same day the office workers to warm the farm house docki

March 5, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

with a box, you can take food at home." Recently, the Old Summer Palace Garden District, in addition to newspaper boxes, milk box, add food box, mode of direct supply pilot "from the farm to the family network. This new way to buy food is popular with office workers.

to buy food to change the online ordering food

Old Summer Palace garden is located in the vicinity of the North Fifth Ring Xiaojiahe bridge, relatively remote, residents to buy food inconvenience. Resident Ms. Chen said, before buying food often worry. "More than an hour to go to the supermarket." Since last month, Ms. Chen became a food family, every day to the ground floor of the community, from their own food dishes. The whole process takes only 10 minutes.

Ms. Chen said, the pilot district "direct food box", like newspaper, milk. Residents of the Internet booking, second days, in the vegetable fresh food to food box.

farm house docking cheaper than the supermarket

yesterday, in the area of the basement, installing a row of blue cabinet, a total of 32, each of a length of about 60 cm, width, height of about 40 cm. Vegetable supplier staff said that these 32 dishes for more than and 600 households use box. They are an agricultural cooperatives in Yanqing, with the pilot community cooperation from the farm to the family, the direct supply model, by the installation and maintenance of their dishes, as long as the residents online orders, payment can be. They promised to keep fresh vegetable 5 hours from home, and the price cheaper than the supermarket 1/3.

the staff said, after the food into the box, the residents will receive text messages on the phone. Many residents said, like this user-friendly service.

pilot to push 100 cell

residents Ms. Zhang said, often enough to buy a dish a week, always eat rotten, "online order more convenient". It is understood that the Old Summer Palace garden and Shunyi Lake Leman two small pilot if successful, will provide 100 community promotion. Reporters learned in a number of communities, online shopping has gradually become a new model favored by office workers. Century City, such as willow community and many workers have added online ordering dishes.


outside the food box for corridor was removed

Century City Park morning commuters to save shopping time, contact the company to send food online ordering food, and food box installation in the corridor. A month ago, the property owners received notice, due to large volume of food box, occupy the corridor, for safety will be removed (newspaper reported).

yesterday, the reporter learned that, in the corridor of food box has been removed. Since the property is still unable to reach an agreement with the food companies, some dishes can only be temporarily transferred to the residents of the home. To provide food for the residents of the company said that the food business is very popular with the office workers, but due to poor communication and property, the food is often prohibited to enter, and now residents can only receive a phone call to the cell door to take food. Property said that the need for a unified arrangement of the venue, still need to communicate.

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