E commerce sites to circumvent the trap trap custom route is the key to success

E commerce sites to circumvent the trap trap custom route is the key to success

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Many kinds of

electronic commerce website, large business platform, for the grassroots webmaster, it is difficult to operate successfully, but for some sales of single product e-commerce sites, are often able to grassroots webmaster with flexible sales strategy, obtain good economic benefits, but the current single product e-commerce, often go into a copy of a dead end, such as weight loss products, the same product on the official website of the platform several ten almost as like as two peas website, giving users the feeling, is the so-called official website has also become the official! Once visible business platform into plagiarism track, damage is often the whole industry chain! So for a single product business website go, custom route is the key, the following analysis of the benefits of

go custom route!

A: contribute to the optimization of the site

although there are now many free templates can be used, but the same template used too much, will cause fatigue of the search engine, so the copy web site, on the site optimization performance is getting worse, and the custom template, can be combined with the characteristics of their own site to sell the product, design a website the structure of affinity, enhance the search efficiency and experience the engine spiders crawl the site, but also can help to improve the user experience of the website, especially with a web site may change over time, the user needs a certain change, then because of customization, can very good on the site with the latest demand, users are changed, this website is undoubtedly more affinity, better able to enhance the conversion rate of

site traffic!

two: good page design to enhance user trust

The road of sustainable development of

e-commerce website, this website is in the user, can have good trust, a trust, then the site’s profits would like the surging river continual, like the Yellow River flood and get out of hand! Just like before Taobao, now the Jingdong of the electricity supplier Website Trust! It is not a short duration of time to complete, but after a long time and the accumulation of detail, design for the influence of user first impression of the web page for the role of improving confidence can not be underestimated! Because a website is the official authority, the design is very important point at this site is very formal that page is clean, whether the contents of authority and so on! Imagine a full of spam, pop business website, it is difficult to get Good trust!

three: Custom


if the business site is copied, then the content on the website is often copied, the contents of this nature can not cause the user’s interest, but also to convince users, so for the content of the website, also need to customize, for example, as far as possible from the details described on the website selling products, rather than with the price of the product and the price so simple! And each of the following products and best before the user consumption evaluation, whether it is good or bad evaluation evaluation, not just the shield, because I >

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