How to do network marketing in private hospitals two

How to do network marketing in private hospitals two

March 5, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

in front of us from the macro aspects of the private hospital to do a good job of network marketing, today we continue.

four, private hospitals need what kind of network marketing?

what kind of website do private hospitals need?

The main purpose of

patients to visit the website is to understand the hospital’s reputation, technology, equipment, treatment methods, drugs, effects, services, etc..

hospital network marketing and website construction value is: the use of text, pictures, and pay attention to the problems of multimedia information it flexible like patients show, is the most ideal pictures and multimedia, because this is the most sensitive to the picture! Even a simple function of the site is equivalent to at least one of the update of the products promotional materials. The outdated medical information or technical information is not perfect, not only can not allow patients to make up their minds, but also affect the confidence of customers, of course, also affect the effectiveness of medical network marketing.

The core elements of

marketing enterprise website:

A, in order to help hospitals achieve business objectives.

B, a good search engine performance: search engine is the most important network slow channel to obtain information, from the planning stage and the site from the strategic planning stage of network marketing has already begun, the whole operation process and it also runs through the enterprise website.

C, a good psychological ability of marketing

1, the user experience is the premise: easy to use, fast, high browser compatibility; easy communication: you can always communicate with professionals;

2, psychological marketing is the key to the heart of patients (users) to the patients with the most want to see something, you can tell the patient to cure his disease, relieve his pain!, to shape the product value from these angles.

3, increase trust is backed by:

, the hospital put in conspicuous places qualification: University Hospital, medical university practice teaching base, so designated hospitals increase trust etc. this kind of thing; the famous physician will show, the famous physician hospital shows them to patients, write good treatment of disease in Changzhi.

, you must have the up-to-date hospital medical equipment and medical technology or medical plan display.


, on the first screen must be put on to cure the patient’s letter of thanks! This is very important, can be a special column to do. You have to write clearly is what disease, in which the department which the doctor cured, it is best to enclose photos, this allows doctors to tell patients, write a letter of thanks if you can get free gifts, most people will write.

D, pay attention to detail, in the process of customization of the marketing website, content maintenance, website management, etc. need to reflect the details, such as: dead links, pictures can not be opened. Typos.

E, the original content based (reasonable use of pseudo original tools), >

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