The huge automobile business market how should seize the finance of this cane

The huge automobile business market how should seize the finance of this cane

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Abstract: at present, the industry market is not in place leading to education of consumers do not understand the automobile finance product, in the face of numerous products do not know how to choose the most suitable for their own financial products, which is one of the automotive industry pain points. In the future for a long time, the pain will be further exacerbated.


said that this year is the capital of the winter, but for the automotive industry to close this winter is not too cold, every day there are a lot of money thrown into the fire, the flames grow.

in the automotive industry, the past 30 years mainly depend on the development of industry, driving capacity and energy today, car, car networking, after the market has to change the eve of capital ready to give us the release of such a signal.

Behind the

burn money for the future money ability certainly, in order to prevent it from being engulfed in flames, the entire automobile industry have caught the recent financial out of sight so rattan, who stepped down is not important, important is that people can climb the spire, overlooking the blue ocean trillion holds up a small red flag.

huge car market and financial penetration is too low contradiction

reason, the whole industry will be turned to auto finance, mainly because of the rapid expansion of the market and the financial crisis is caused by the low permeability is quietly breeding.

in recent years, the development of Chinese automobile industry very quickly, has become the world’s largest car market, in addition to the new car to maintain steady growth, second-hand car market has great potential, car electricity providers, car rental, Internet concept is driven by capital accelerated changing auto market business model and ecological system.

look at the most active automotive electricity supplier industry, whether it is relying on the resources of the group in the car sharing network, a good car safely, or rely on big business platform, car, or finance is the integrated platform of car car cut fruit net, in recent months is the strategic focus turned to automobile finance.

according to the central bank statistics, in 2012 China’s auto finance market is 392 billion yuan, in 2014 China’s auto finance market has been more than 700 billion yuan, we can see that the compound growth rate of 33.6% during the period. But on the other hand, in 2014 China’s auto finance penetration rate of only about 20%.

what is this concept? Let’s look at what other countries are like. According to automotive information (IHS) statistics, the United States, Japan, Western Europe and India market auto finance penetration are respectively 90%, 70%, 70% and 60%. Therefore, in the domestic auto finance market, we still have a lot of way to go, while imagination is huge, then this road how to go?

car finance is not as simple as you think

may mention car finance, everyone

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