C2B’s e commerce success skills

C2B’s e commerce success skills

March 5, 2017 lejlgizx 0

Hello, I am Liuyang, now the root of the way out of the webmaster, the first is to focus on their own areas of service innovation, and the other is e-commerce. Taobao shop, Taobao mall, B2C, Taobao customers, advertising alliance into and so on, now make rash and too much in haste. Liuyang believes that where the Internet is electronic commerce, that is, regardless of what you do on the Internet content, in the final analysis is linked to e-commerce. Why? Remember the modern marketing Master Mr. Philip Kotler once said: "the most important of the two basic functions of marketing and innovation", because only these two basic functions can directly bring the profit for the enterprise. In fact, Liuyang believes that the two basic directions of the Internet is the same, that is, e-commerce and innovation, because only these two directions can bring bright prospects for the grassroots webmaster.

Ma Yun once said that e-commerce is divided into three stages, the first stage is C2C, the second stage is B2C, the last stage is B2B. For this view Ma, why I do not agree, because? In the history of the Internet, the main facts of the three models of electronic commerce is the stage and not racing together bridle to bridle, the. On the contrary, Liuyang believes that the stage of e-commerce should be based on the end user as the core, according to the user’s buying habits atmosphere two stages, that is, B2C and C2B.

to do a simple explanation here, the first stage of B2C is the Internet e-commerce development is not mature, as the seller of electronic commerce is mainly carried out innovative channels on the Internet, to meet customer demand, customer training habits, and ultimately the transaction process, I put this process called B2C, mainly refers to the the seller to the buyer through the Internet channel sales or field service; on the contrary, when the user has been through years of e-commerce influence, they will shift from passive to active, that is, choose the seller buyer’s choice of purchase channels, and after careful comparison, and ultimately the transaction process.

e-commerce development today, there is no doubt that the C2B model has been very common. So, how to do a good job in C2B e-commerce, Liuyang wrote a C2B, e-commerce absolute success skills, hoping to be interested in the majority of e-commerce industry grassroots webmaster to bring practical and help. This paper first gives a basic description of the theory.

a, what is called C2B e-commerce

"C2B" refers to the process of electronic commerce, engaged in Electronic Commerce on the Internet, to end users as the core of the terminal users buying habits, seize the terminal users to buy products on the Internet on the mental model, through a variety of methods to help the customers to purchase the final product of a kind of electronic commerce mode.

two, C2B e-commerce core where

where is the core of C2B e-commerce in Liuyang, the key is to C client as the core, starting from the electronic commerce project to the domain name selection, site positioning, sales channel selection >

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