This shoe electricity supplier said do not like Christmas gifts then you can come here for coupons

This shoe electricity supplier said do not like Christmas gifts then you can come here for coupons

March 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0

"we are willing to establish contact with consumers through such activities"

every holiday street there are a lot of "recycling gift" brand, see these you may find holiday spawned "gift economy" is a large part of consumption.

Americans have such trouble. A’s shaving system with less than B for the coffee machine in your family has been C’s purse so ugly…… According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, last year, 40% of consumers returned Christmas gifts. This year is expected to be worth $70 billion gift was returned. That is not convenient to go to the store to return something, don’t just dust in the storage room



Zappos customer service staff

probably realized the gift can not be distressed, Zappos – that was acquired in 2009 by Amazon’s footwear electricity supplier, in this year’s Christmas season planning a marketing campaign: Happy Returns.

wants to get rid of a gift? You can call them during the day in December 26th, and change your shopping card with a gift you don’t want for $100. Whatever your gift is, you can take part in the event, Zappos said. But only the top 500 can change to the shopping card. What about the presents from the Zappos? They’ll give these things to charity.

this idea is Zappos and advertising company Mullen Lowe together come out. Zappos marketing department official said: instead of being treated as electricity providers, we prefer to be seen as a service company…… We want to build relationships with consumers through this activity."

Customer service and return policy

this Happy Returns activity is also another way to bring Zappos to all shoes: free shipping, you can return within a year (in common higher level of service of the United States, Zappos is still the "sea" like). In fact, let you use too idle gift shopping card, this is not love the site in another way "discount" to sell shoes.

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