Honey bud Liu Nan standing on the air would dare to herd boy

Honey bud Liu Nan standing on the air would dare to herd boy

March 5, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

2016, two-child policy officially opened, the mother industry usher in a major positive, and any family will not skimp on the next generation of investment, this is the most direct support logic trillion maternal and child market. Such a huge market, electricity providers will naturally become a hotly contested spot. Last year, just over 4 years old with honey bud, quadruple jump, sit tight in the domestic cross-border electricity supplier, electricity supplier maternal toubajiaoyi.


March 2014 honey bud by the time flash purchase into the market, in August of the same year to dabble in cross-border business, with honey bud CEO Liu Nan’s words, no honey bud to catch up with the two wave wind wave is the vertical maternal electricity supplier outlet, a wave of cross-border electricity outlet. By virtue of the outlet of the heat, honey bud has a rapid development in 2015, the $150 million D round of financing in September last year, Baidu completed the lead, creating a cash financing maternal industry including the maximum amount of online and offline.

dare sword shocked the industry

last March, honey bud hosted the first diaper snapped, in the sale of Kao, including younijia (moony), King imported diapers will be sold to the price of There was no parallel in history.

honey bud originally only dare to have an idea: spend diapers in Japan ace prices of 68 yuan, and to the China becomes 158 yuan, we can put the price cut to? All change began in the cross-border bonded pilot policy landing. After confirming the feasibility of 68 yuan, honey bud CEO Liu Nan immediately decided to take the initiative to provoke a price war, the opponent is the giants. She thought it was a chance to survive. Jingdong, Tmall and Suning occupy 90% of the market, but is not perfect, they just opened the China importer in this link. If there is a mother and child electricity supplier can directly get the supply of goods from the Japanese brand side, then it won.


so, March 16th, honey bud launched a "diaper berserk Festival", their selling point is the price from 158 yuan to 68 yuan. From the results, consumers buy imported diapers online only 1 hours sold 150 thousand bags, arrived at noon that day, they have received 500 thousand orders, and three days before the turnover exceeded 300 million yuan, which is 3 times the entire month of October last year turnover. Electricity providers have to follow up, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, the 1st shop after another price, many also follow the vertical maternal electricity supplier, Liu Nan really as it would have launched a price war, attracted industry wide attention.

price war heating up reshuffle

The great success of

in March, honey bud decided to continue in May, "Strike while the iron is hot." continued to set off a price war. The high price of honey bud standard, effectively reduce the cost through the compression of the middle part of the way, plus subsidies to the user to complete the final price low, and stock movements have been two months ahead of the deployment, other business.

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